Betasso Preserve

Trail Condition Comments Updated Date Edit Trail Conditions Trail Meter Nid
Canyon Loop
At least one long muddy stretch and lots of mud, ice, and snow in other spots. 1 week 2 days Poor 217
Benjamin Loop
Mostly snow and dirt mix, you will run into ice on the areas of the trail that do not get sun. 1 week 5 days Fair 218
Betasso Link Trail
Some mud ice snow down low. Upper meadow is a muddy mess! 1 week 2 days Poor 219
Fourmile Link Trail
Get it while you can! 8 weeks 2 days Good 1264
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Betasso lies due west of Boulder. It can be accessed by car by heading up Canyon then Sugarloaf Road to the main trailhead, or by riding to the Canyon Link trail (starts just before the tunnel up Boulder Canyon) or the Four Mile Connector (about 3 miles up Fourmile Road).

This is the only place in Boulder County that has limited access based upon the days of the week. Betasso is closed to cyclists Wednesdays and Saturdays. It’s also the only local trail that has directional rules for cyclists, with the cycling direction on some trail changing every two weeks. Always mind the closed days and directional arrows!

There are two loops in this system: The Canyon Loop and the Benjamin Loop. Both are relatively smooth with the occasional rock features to ride over, making the trails more beginner friendly. However, keep in mind that these trails are largely built on side slopes and the exposure makes them feel more technical than they really are. Riders venturing out to Betasso will get great views of town to the east, mining activities across Four Mile Canyon, and the revegetation of the recent Four Mile Fire to the west.

In addition to these loops, the Canyon Link and Fourmile Link connect to their respective roads. The Fourmile link is ‘in tune’ with the rest of the trails. The Canyon Link is steeper, rougher, and more narrow than the rest of Betasso, and offers a place for those seeking larger challenges.