Boulder Valley Ranch / Boulder Reservoir

Trail Condition Comments Updated Date Edit Trail Conditions Trail Meter Nid
Foothills Trail
Almost 100% dry 5 days 23 hours Good 220
Eagle Trail
bot cleanup: Submitted by MTBMurph on January 27, 2015 - 15:28. Trails dry, even North facing corners, no mud. 2 days 7 hours Good 221
North Rim Trail
No description was provided for this trail update. 5 days 23 hours Good 222
Left Hand Trail
Dry, no mud. 5 days 1 hour Good 223
Sage Trail
Dry, no mud. 5 days 1 hour Good 224
Boulder Reservoir Trail
bot cleanup: Submitted by mdbockmann on January 26, 2015 - 17:29. 100% dry 2 days 7 hours Good 403
Coot Lake Trail
Trail condition updated to Good. 1 year 37 weeks Good 404
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This trail system lies just north of Boulder, stretching intermittantly between 63rd Street to just west of Foothills Highway/36. While there are numerous trailheads, most riders take advantage of its closeness to Boulder and ride from home.

Many of these trails can be linked together for a ride that’s often drier in the winter, as well as legally open to night riding. Trails are largely wide, crusher fines, and a great place to take beginners and the younger set to gain confidence. There’s also a wide variety of scenery, from foothills, to farming, to the shoreline of Boulder Reservoir and Coot Lake.

Note that only the southernmost section of the Coot Lake Trail is open to bikes - the sections to the west, east, and north of Coot Lake are hiking only.