Brainard Lake Area

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Little Raven Trail

This is closed to bikes in winter.

Reopens May 1st.

12 weeks 13 hours Closed 252
South St. Vrain Trail (East)
Snow season - trails starting to pack in. 22 weeks 5 days Good 253
Sourdough Trail (North)
Should be fat bike able for a day or two if it gets packed a bit more 6 days 8 hours Good 254
Sourdough Trail (South)
Mostly rideable on a Fat. Some softer spots midway between Rainbow lakes lot and Brainard. Use low tire pressures to keep the float. 6 weeks 5 days Good 384
South St. Vrain Trail (West)
Not really firm enough for biking. Please don't ride if you leave a deep rut. 11 weeks 5 days Fair 393
Wapiti Trail (USFS)
Snow season - trails starting to pack in. 22 weeks 5 days Good 402
Waldrop Trail

Perfect on a Fat bike. Have pepper spray ready for angry XC skiers. JK!!!

11 weeks 5 days Good 1760
Left Hand Res Road
There's a decent path and early or late might be best for the next day or two. It was dropping goose feathers when I left. 5 days 2 hours Fair 2051
Little Raven (East)
Snow season - trails starting to pack in. 22 weeks 5 days Poor 2052
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The Brainard Lake area is located west, and higher, than Ward off the Peak to Peak Highway. These are USFS trails, and as such, are more raw and rugged than most of the trails at lower elevations. In fact, this is the highest mtb trailhead in our area.

There are many options leaving the trailhead - you can leave north or south on the Sourdough Trail. and you can head west towards Little Raven or South Saint Vrain, which both intersect with the loop road at Brainard Lake proper. The main draw, for mountain bikers, is the amazingly hard techincal nature of the trails. Trails feature bridges, loose and embeded rocks, and an altitude of nearly two miles high is felt be nearly everyone.