Brainard Lake Area

Trail Condition Comments Updated Date Edit Trail Conditions Trail Meter Nid
Little Raven Trail
Snow and mud 5 weeks 3 days Poor 252
South St. Vrain Trail (East)
perfect condition! 4 weeks 1 day Good 253
Sourdough Trail (North)
bone dry from PV to Brainard Lake Rd 4 weeks 1 day Good 254
Sourdough Trail (South)
Running well. 1 week 2 days Good 384
South St. Vrain Trail (West)
Good to go below Waldrop 5 weeks 5 days Fair 393
Wapiti Trail (USFS)
wapiti is good to go. some deadfall yet to be cleared still so be careful. 4 weeks 4 hours Good 402
Waldrop Trail
a little we on the NW side but otherwise as perfect as Waldrop ever is. 4 weeks 1 day Good 1760
Left Hand Res Road
The road has been very useful in connecting the right areas. The road has helped a lot in reducing the traffic. It has not only helped in reducing the traffic but is also shortens the distance and save us a lot of fuel. what is sharepoint 2 weeks 1 day Fair 2051
Little Raven (East)
Still snowed in and muddy 5 weeks 3 days Poor 2052
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The Brainard Lake area is located west, and higher, than Ward off the Peak to Peak Highway. These are USFS trails, and as such, are more raw and rugged than most of the trails at lower elevations. In fact, this is the highest mtb trailhead in our area.

There are many options leaving the trailhead - you can leave north or south on the Sourdough Trail. and you can head west towards Little Raven or South Saint Vrain, which both intersect with the loop road at Brainard Lake proper. The main draw, for mountain bikers, is the amazingly hard techincal nature of the trails. Trails feature bridges, loose and embeded rocks, and an altitude of nearly two miles high is felt be nearly everyone.