Dot Trails

Trail Condition Comments Updated Date Edit Trail Conditions Trail Meter Nid
Bear Down / Star Wars Trail
Sweet riding. Go get some! 8 weeks 1 day Good 236
Blue Dot Trail
Get out there and crush it f*ck the spammers 2 weeks 2 days Good 237
Boot Trail
Reopened! Trail is OK. Several sections run through clear cuts and "forest work debris". 1 week 4 days Fair 238
Reboot Trail
Reopened! Starting from the Boot Trail, we could not find this trail in clear cut area. Too much "forest work debris" and machine tracks to find trail. 1 week 4 days Fair 240
Red Dot/Yellow Dot Loop
Good to ride. 8 weeks 1 day Good 241
Doe / Dog Trail
condition set to Good 6 weeks 2 days Good 390
Powerline Trail
Dry and ready to ride. 8 weeks 1 day Good 391
Lollypop Loop
Ready to ride. 8 weeks 1 day Good 392
Carwash Trail
Trees seem to get tighter every year! 8 weeks 1 day Good 1752
Front Range Road
Good to ride. 8 weeks 1 day Good 1753
Big Springs Trail
condition set to Good 6 weeks 2 days Good 1754
Wildwood Trail
Trail condition updated to Poor. 23 weeks 2 days Poor 1755
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The Dots are located in between Boulder Canyon Road and Magnolia Road just east of Nederland. These trails get their name from occasional "dot" markers on trees - the dots are the tops off of tin cans, spray painted different colors... that should give you a little insight on the bootlegger origins of the fabulously rugged trail area.

The Dots provide a great contrast to West Mag, which lies just to the... west. These trails are older multiuse trails and as such are straighter, faster, and occasionally, much more technical. Expect loose decomposed granite, some incredibly difficult to ride embedded rock, and short steep climbs. Also, there’s some great meadows, younger forests, and views to Nederland and Longs Peak. Navigation is fairly straightforward, with trails leading east from the Peak to Peak towards a loop that turns you back west.

In addition to the trails that roughly parallel Magnolia Road, there’s also the Dog/Doe Trail and Bear Down/Star Wars Trail that each lead downhill towards Barker Reservoir and adjacent neighborhoods. Not only are they a blast to ride, they provide a great way back to Ned for some vittles and brews.