Doudy Draw

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Trail Condition Comments Updated Date Edit Trail Conditions Trail Meter Nid
Community Ditch (West)
Lots of growth, overall perfectly dry and ready to rip! 1 week 6 days Good 261
Doudy Draw Trail
Aside from one puddle near the top of the intersection it's all hero dirt! 1 week 6 days Good 263
Flatirons Vista South Trail
good to go 1 week 6 days Good 264
Prairie Vista Trail
good to go 1 week 6 days Good 269
Spring Brook North Trail
Just some small runoff for the first 100ft up, other than that good to go! 1 week 6 days Good 270
Flatirons Vista North Trail
there's been damage, but most of it is dry and good to go 2 weeks 1 day Good 373
Spring Brook South Trail
Just one puddle near the exposed part but overall great conditions! 1 week 6 days Good 405
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Doudy Draw lies south of Boulder and Eldorado Road, and West of Highway 93. There are two main trailheads, the Doudy Draw trailhead (on Eldorado Springs Dr across from the South Mesa Trailhead), and Flatirons Vista (just south of Highway 128 on Highway 93).

Doudy Draw abuts the Marshall Mesa area to the east, and when combined provides many opportunities for big milage and smiles. The Doudy area is more forested & hilly than the Marshall Mesa area, and feels more remote once you're away from the trailhead. There are some sustained climbs, especially when riding from the Doudy Draw Trailhead south up through the draw itself.  With a loop of trails both near the Highway 93 / Flatirons Vista trailhead and the Springbrook trails, expect some variety in surfaces and difficulty, but all togther this one of the easier riding areas in the county, and offers great views of the Flatirons to the north.