Heil Valley Ranch

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Picture Rock Trail
Yup, still closed. Muddy slimy mess. Protect our resources please! 4 days 16 hours Closed 246
Ponderosa Loop
Sweet. Couple of short snowy bits, but ready to go 10 hours 37 min Fair 247
Wapiti Trail
Good to go. Little soft in a few places, but overall dry and sweet 10 hours 38 min Fair 248
Wild Turkey Trail
Very little mud and only 100yds of snow on the north end. Ride when the ground is cold 1 week 2 days Fair 249
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T:6 A:6 C:7

Heil Valley Ranch lies between Lefthand Canyon and Lyons, with trailheads on the northern and southern edge (Picture Rock and Heil Valley Ranch Trailheads, respectively). This Boulder County Open Space park is popular with the MTB set as well as runners and hikers.  Climb from either trailhead, and several miles in you’ll reach several options for loops in the heart of the park, as well as a fantastic overlook.

Picture Rock Trail, accessed from the Lyons (north) side, starts as a narrow, swoopy trail up a wide valley, and passes several ranch and quarry relics from the area’s past. The second half of Picture Rock becomes more rocky, twisty, and traverses the ‘great wall’ of Boulder County Open Space. It intersects the middle of the Wild Turkey Trail, which connects to the Ponderosa Loop at each end.

From the Lefthand Canyon side, you’ll climb the Wapiti Trail north through the woods to the edge of the Ponderosa Loop. While not overly steep, the trail is rocky enough to provide challenges for nearly any rider.

Check out the individual trail descriptions for more detailed info on each trail.  Linking up all of these trails makes for a big day, so get out and get some of the finest singletrack in Boulder County.