Walker Ranch

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Meyers Homestead Trail
Mostly packed slush/ice; a few muddy sections. 1 week 4 days Poor 277
Walker Connector
Melting drifts, some mud, some clear/dry sections 1 week 4 days Poor 278
Walker Ranch Loop
Almost two feer of fresh powder- snowshoes for now 1 day 9 hours Poor 279
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T:7 A:7 C:7

Walker Ranch is located west of the Flatirons, and is accessed either via Coal Creek Canyon or by heading west on Flagstaff Road. While the area is known best for its looped trail, it also includes the Meyers Gulch Trail and overlook, and the Walker Connecter between both areas.

No matter which of the trailheads you start from, or which direction you travel, you’re immediately treated to a descent to the South Boulder Creek. There’s steep two track trails, and sinewy narrower sections alternating as you continue around the loop. And rocks? Why yes, this trail has wildly varying technical features, from loose chunder to granite features that all have to be traversed to make it around the loop.  The crux of the trail is the staircase - a rock stepped mandatory hike a bike out of the eastern crossing of South Boulder Creek. Hucking your bike on your shoulder and portaging the steps and rock formations next to the creek is a unique experience in Boulder County.