West Magnolia

Trail Condition Comments Updated Date Edit Trail Conditions Trail Meter Nid
Aspen Alley Trail
All dry 1 week 3 days Good 225
Clear Cut Trail
marginal conditions for a marginal trail... lots of water over here... Loggers are not gone.. cutting is done but log removal isn't...they estimate 2 weeks to go... weather dependent 2 years 6 weeks Fair 226
Hobbit Trail
Good to go. 1 week 6 days Good 227
Lookout Trail
condition set to Good 5 weeks 23 hours Good 230
Observatory Trail
Good to go. 1 week 6 days Good 231
Pungy Stick Trail
In great condition. 4 weeks 4 days Good 232
Re-Root Trail
Good to go. 1 week 6 days Good 233
School Bus Trail
Just a few low spots with mud. Rode right through them with no problems. 6 days 11 hours Good 234
Sugar Mag Trail
6-16-2015 good with normal low spots muddy go through the mud 2 weeks 4 days Good 235
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The West Magnolia or "West Mag" area was near and dear to a lot of people's hearts, for fast fun singletrack ripping through the trees.  Alas, West Mag was logged in 2012, forever changing the nature of the existing trails - read more on BMA's website.

The School Bus Trail was outside of the logging zone and is unchanged and open.  For the rest of the West Mag area, conditions are variable as the trails were erased in some places, covered with slash piles in others, but with sections intact and fine.

BMA will be working with USFS and volunteers in the months ahead to rehab the area.  The list of trails given here is from before the logging work, so only head to West Mag with your explorer pants and lots of spare time!