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11/26/2018 03:26 PM


YES! The three agency group that has been studying the Eldo-to-Walker trail concept concluded in their feasibility study that the north route is their preferred alignment. In their own words:

11/16/2018 11:28 AM

2520 55th Street
Boulder, CO 80301


16 November 2018


11/16/2018 11:36 AM

Take the OSMP Responsible Recreation Survey here.

1. As we develop an Open Space and Mountain Parks Master Plan, tell us how would you like to enjoy Boulder's public land into the future?

11/13/2018 09:20 AM

At the last meeting of Boulder Open Space Board of Trustees, one of the Trustees, Kevin Bracy Knight, presented a summary of the City’s public outreach survey about what the public would like to see in a potential Eldo to Walker (E2W) Connection.

Based on Kevin’s analysis, here's the latest:

10/27/2018 01:07 PM

10/27/2018 01:11 PM


Any way you count it, this has been a landmark year for BMA trail crews, who turned out in HUGE numbers. Between our work on County,...

10/27/2018 01:15 PM

Check out the following BMA Business Partners who have joined or renewed their commitments to BMA this month. Stop by their stores, show them some love, and let them know you appreciate their support of mountain biking in the Boulder area.

09/23/2018 08:34 PM

High Plains Trail work


09/23/2018 08:42 PM


09/23/2018 08:50 PM