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The single biggest thing that you can do to get more and better trails in Boulder County is to join Boulder MountainBike Alliance (BMA)! We (the folks at BMA) are an all-volunteer organization working our booties off to make more and better trails happen. The number of actual paying members of BMA is one of the biggest bits of leverage we have when we ask government agencies for more access. Your bucks go directly to pay for trail building days, to sharpen tools, to organize events that increase BMA’s support and influence. Basically, BMA uses these funds to help build the community of dirt cycling!

Think about the dough you pay for cell phone, cable and Internet. Hey those things probably don't give you as much pleasure or relaxation as a good ride. And you probably don't feel great about yourself every time you pay your cable bill. So consider supporting the people that are fighting for your trail time. Think about how much a season of great riding in Boulder County is worth to you. Think about how much more it would be worth if we had even more trails and they were much better designed and maintained. That's what BMA is fighting for and that's what you will be supporting.

Take a gander at the membership options and do the best you can! If you have questions, drop the director of membership a line.

Are you more of a cash or check kinda person?  Please fill out our paper membership form, and mail it with your check to BMA, P.O. Box 4954, Boulder, CO 80306.

Individual Membership
Membership Form for Individual BMA Membership  
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Member Gifts
Thanks for becoming a member! For some membership levels, you have the option to receive a special BMA gift. If you waive your gift, we'll gladly put that money directly toward better trails for Boulder County. Make sure your name and address are correct so that we ship your premium to the correct place!
BMA wool socks, 6" tall cuff, by Save Our Soles  (Contribute at least $ 50.00 to be eligible for this gift.)

100% cotton t-shirt by American Apparel; go to the BMA Store for men's and women's size charts  (Contribute at least $ 150.00 to be eligible for this gift.)

full-zip jersey in a semi-performance cut; women's and men's sizing; see sizing charts in the BMA store to figure out your size.  (Contribute at least $ 500.00 to be eligible for this gift.)

get the full package of socks, T-shirt and jersey - BMA will contact you to determine your size and style desires!  (Contribute at least $ 1,000.00 to be eligible for this gift.)

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Any information you provide is used exclusively by Boulder Mountainbike Alliance so we can make BMA work better for you.  That’s it.  We do not sell or give away your information as stated in our privacy policy.

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Are you currently involved with Erie Singletrack Advocates and would you like your BMA membership to be associated with ESA?
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