2012 Caribou Classic Course Map

Total Mileage is 41.1 miles with about 5100 ft of climbing.

The new route starts and stops on the Caribou Ranch, just like last year! There are two loops on the Ranch. From there, we will work our way West and then North to Brainard Lake for a big loop. After the Northern Lollipop, we head back down Sourdough and ride to the finish.

A few notes about the course:

  • A short loop can be made by just heading back to the Ranch after the Rainbow Lakes / Sourdough Aid Station. About 22 miles if you take this option.
  • South St. Vrain is a technical trail. If you are not feeling strong and mighty at that point, just ride Brainard Lake Rd back to the Aid Station. This is a respectable Alternate Route.
  • Any Aid Station can be a turn-around point, but you have to let the volunteers know.

All riders must check in at each aid station to have their name & number recorded. This is how we track you from one place to the next. If you ride through an Aid Station and we don't see your name checked off at each corresponding Aid Station and the Finish Line, we will go looking for you and call Search and Rescue. Please don't go there! We will not rest until every rider is accounted for.


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2012 Caribou Classic course map