Caribou Classic Course Map

The routes start and stop near the southernmost Sourdough Trail trailhead. The staging area is in the meadow at the intersection of Rainbow Lakes Road and the Peak to Peak Hwy (Hwy 72).

There are two lengths of ride available:

  • Caribou Classic - 20 mile south loop (yellow on the map); Sourdough to a loop around Brainard Lake, then back on South Sourdough
  • SufferFest - 29 mile south loop plus north loop (yellow plus red on the map); you do the entire Caribou Classic, and add a second loop which includes all of South St Vrain, Sourdough, and the Wapiti Trail

All riders must check in at each aid station to have their name & number recorded. This is how we track you from one place to the next. If you ride through an Aid Station and we don't see your name checked off at each corresponding Aid Station and the Finish Line, we will go looking for you and call Search and Rescue. Please don't go there! We will not rest until every rider is accounted for.


Click here to download a detailed course map!


Caribou Classic 2015 Map1.pdf3.33 MB
Caribou Classic 2015 Map2.pdf5.09 MB