What Has Boulder Mountainbike Alliance Done for You?

Do you like riding the Wild Turkey Trail or the Picture Rock Trail at Heil Valley Ranch? Do you prefer heading down south to Doudy Draw, Flatirons Vista, Prarie Vista, the High Plains Trail, or the Springbrook Loop? Maybe your attention turns to the mountains and the West Magnolia or Brainard Lake areas?

Regardless of where you ride, chances are bikes were not allowed there five to ten years ago. Mountain bikers have trails and access in many parts of Boulder County due to BMA's efforts over the last 20 years.

You can view a nice pretty timeline of what we've done here.

What are we doing now?

Nederland Area

We're working with the forest service to help implement an epic level of trail expansion around the West Mag area.

National Policy

Our recent comment on the IMBA stance on bikes in Wilderness and e-MTBs.

City of Boulder

Our main focus right now is on the City's Open Space & Mountain Parks revisit of the Visitor Master Plan.

We also advocated for the North Sky Trail, a trail along the the foothills connecting the Foothills Trail to Joder Ranch.

County of Boulder


E-bike use on transportation paths provides an obvious community benefit and should be embraced. E-bike use on recreational trails provides some clear benefits to people with less-than-complete physical abilities, but poses unknown threats to mountain bike trail access and could, in theory, cause user conflict, resource damage, and trail damage. More research is needed before an across-the-board ban. Read BMA's complete statement here.


Boulder County Parks & Open Space staff along with BMA volunteers continue work on Heil 2 loops that will better connect Boulder and Lyons.  We're also focused on the new proposed connector to Betasso via trail from town.

Additionaly, we're helping drive ahead a connection from the town of Boulder, through Eldorado Canyon State Park and on to Walker Ranch for a better Super Walker ride as well as a connection to Nederland and Winter Park via the Indian Peaks Traverse.

Regional Trails

Supporting the Indian Peak Traverse, specifically the Eldorado Canyon State Park to Walker Ranch Connector. Read more about the project on Boulder County's website.

Join us!

BMA has formed an Advocacy Team. We meet monthly on the 3rd Monday from 5:30-7:00 at Sanitas Brewery. Please feel free to join us and see what we are about. This is a diverse group and we all bring different interests and talents to "move the rock down the trail" as we work to improve mountain biking in the greater Boulder area.

Contact to learn more about how you can help!

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