Board Comment on Wilderness Access

On December 9, BMA made the following statement:


“The Boulder Mountainbike Alliance (BMA) is writing to comment on IMBA's recent policy statements and advocacy on both eMTBs and wilderness access. First, we note that IMBA did not solicit the opinion of BMA or any members of our board of directors. Second, BMA’s advocacy mission is limited to issues related to trails in the Boulder County, Colorado area on municipal, county, state, or federal lands. BMA does not endorse political candidates and has declined in the past to endorse or support state-wide or national issues in order to maintain our focus on our mission: better trails for the greater Boulder County area. National-level advocacy issues are not our area of competence and this rightly belongs with the International Mountain Bicycle Association (IMBA), the organization representing mountain biking interests at the national level.

That said, the BMA board has found some of IMBA's recent policy positions both tone-deaf and puzzling. The BMA board continues to consider these policy positions and the lack of visionary and responsive leadership on these critical policy positions in our ongoing evaluation on whether to remain a chapter of IMBA. Needless to say, IMBA’s current position opposing the U.S. House Bill allowing bikes in designated wilderness area is a factor weighing against BMA continuing our association with IMBA. The BMA board wants to make it clear that BMA in no way endorses or supports IMBA's policy positions on eMTBs or wilderness access. We have heard many people suggesting that they do not want to give another dollar to IMBA. We empathize with taking a stand on issues that you believe in. But we also want you to continue supporting better trails for the greater Boulder County area. We urge those of you who disagree with IMBA's policy positions to continue to support BMA by providing donations instead of membership dollars to BMA. We provide no money to IMBA from donations to BMA. Thank you for your consideration and your continued support.”

To this end, BMA's board supports the following petition initiated by the New England Mountain Bike Association and the San Diego Mountain Bike Association:


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And as always, BMA could not do what we do in the greater Boulder County area without your support. You can donate directly to BMA HERE.