Looking for a place to find everything you need to know about Boulder County trails which allow mountain biking? Look no further for descriptions, suggested routes, and trail conditions, all at your fingertips using the links below and righthand menu. Boulder Mountainbike Alliance created this handy dandy trail guide so people who enjoy trails - whether they are mountain biking, hiking, trail running, or horse riding - can get the skinny on Boulder's beautiful singletrack.

What do you want?

How do you get it?

Everything you wanted to know about each individual trail - ratings, conditions, ride description, maps, GPS files, you name it.

Trail Descriptions

Conditions for all Boulder County mountain-bikeable trails, organized by trail area.

Trail Conditions

A bunch of suggested rides that you can follow - great if you are new to the area, or jonesing for a new way to link up trails.

Big Rides!

Stuff affecting trails, be it a community event, construction, or a trail work day

Trail News and Alerts

We've created a pretty darn awesome trail rating system to help you find the trails that match the experience you're after.

Trail Ratings Guide

I want to help prove that mountain bikers are respectful and in control.

Trail Etiquette

Building or maintaing trails

Trail Building / Trail Work