Daily Camera Archive on the Bike Ban

Mountain bikes in the Boulder Mountain Parks system (what we're calling the West Trail Study Area today) has been a bone of contention for a looooong time....  6 years ago, we did some digging to research into how and when Boulder County mountain bikers were declared evil and dangerous.

Check out these historic news stories to get the skinny.  It should be noted that there were approximately 150 mountain bikers in the Boulder County region when all of this started.

mtn biker next to no bikes sign on Mesa Trail



BMA Commentary

January 16, 1983 PURE Environmental Bulletin opinion piece This is the earliest Camera piece claiming that bikes do more damage to trails than other users.  We now know this is not the case, yet continue to hear this argument over and over again.
January 19, 1983 City Council Bans Bikes Closed because of intolerance
January 30, 1983 PURE environmental bulletin opinion piece PURE columnist suggests bikes are "a very benign form of transportation" and sees prejudice.
February 14, 1983 Mountain Bike Controversy "damage caused by mountain bikes is irreversable"
August 31, 1985 Bikers vs. Hikers 2 years later, the issue hasn't gone away
February 24, 1987 Park Board Bans Bikes on 2 Trails It's bad, and getting worse
February 26, 1987 Get Bikes Off All the Trails (Camera Editorial) A depressing tirade from the Camera editorial board
March 7, 1987 The Trails of Controversy An attempt at balanced reporting

March 11, 1987

Education, not Closings are the Answer (a lone reasonable voice) Authored by Doug Emerson, owner of University Bikes

March 12, 1987

12 More Trails Closed That one hurt...