Group Rides

BMA Group Rides

Unless indicated below, all our rides are free and open to the public.

Go to our BMA Calendar of Events to see the schedule and sign up for a ride!

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Knobby Monday
(Beginner's ride)


Every Monday
6:00 p.m.

Join the fun on mountain bikes! These entry level rides for beginner riders will give you a chance to practice your skills, have fun, and be safe riding trails! Before each ride we will review some fundamental tips about riding, then we will head out on an entry level trail to ride. There are two Ride Guides for this ride so nobody will get left behind. This is a family friendly, entry level ride.

This is a no-drop ride.

Gurlz Ride

Ladies only
All levels

Every Tuesday
6:00 p.m.

1 Saturday/month
9:00 a.m.

The BMA GurlzRide, our weekly women-only ride, is about more than just riding. They are about fun, post-ride get-togethers, and the camaraderie that comes with seeing yourself progress over time. We love to ride, and we enjoy meeting other women who do too! At the trailhead we split into two groups: beginner and intermediate/advanced. Our beginner ride has a sweep so you won't get dropped. Many of our current ride leaders came out to the Gurlz Ride as first time riders. Join us!

This is a no drop ride.

Wednesday AM Ride


Every other Wednesday - see calendar for schedule
9:00 a.m.

Rise and shine with this intermediate level ride! We choose from a variety of local Boulder trails for this mid-week morning ride.

This is a no drop ride.

Trails & Ale


Every Thursday
6:00 p.m.

This intermediate level ride is a great mid-week tonic. Ride at your own pace and we'll regroup at intersections. We finish every ride by gathering at a local establishment for food and good cheer (and yes some Ales).

This is a no drop ride.

Adventure Film Festival Betasso Ride

Intermediate / Advanced

Sunday, October 7th

Join Adventure Film Fest and BMA for a Sunday morning Betasso Ride. There will be 2 ride opions, an all levels GurlzRide and an intermediate co-ed ride.



Training program for endurance events

$419 BMA Members

The Brute Squad (BMA Riders United in Training for Endurance) training program is designed specifically to build the power and endurance required for long-distance rides, and address all aspects of performance necessary to execute to full potential on the day of your event (nutrition and hydration strategies, mental focus and resilience, etc.).

Training starts in April, and runs through our target race (Laramie Range Epic) on July 27.

5 Reasons to Become a BMA Ride Guide


BMA has 5 different weekly rides plus skills clinics happening throughout the spring and summer. But in order to make this possible, we need some ride guides! Here are five reasons why YOU should consider becoming a Ride Guide:

1. Meet new riding buddies.

Easily #1, this is one of the best and quickest ways to meet more friends who RIDE

2. Ride lots.

Leading rides give you a fun and exciting reason to get out on your bike, and riding with individuals of varying abilities will ultimately make you a better rider too.

3. Get schwag.

In return for leading only 4 rides during the season, you'll get a super sweet Ride Guide jersey, access to BMA pro deals on gear, and an end of season shindig just for you.

4. Support BMA.

If you appreciate the trail advocacy that BMA does on your behalf, this is a great way to "give back", by doing something you'd be doing anyway: riding your bike!

5. Become an ambassador for mountain biking.

By demonstrating great trail etiquette and stewardship on social rides, you'll help to preserve our trails as well as change the impression of mountain bikers in our community.


Questions? Email us at


About Being a Ride Guide

We ask that all Ride Guides commit to signing up to guide (lead or sweep) 4 rides each season. You must become a BMA member to guide a ride. (We're especially looking for Gurlz Ride leaders -- all levels welcome).

As ride guide you don't have to be fast and you don't have to be at the front of the group. You are responsible for being the guide of the group. As a representative of BMA this includes a variety of tasks from arriving at the ride to greet the riders and ensuring that waivers are signed, to coordinating the route & group, making decisions about the weather, etc.  Once the ride begins, you decide if you should ride at the lead or hang back with some of the other riders. Additionally, many of our rides have two Ride Guides, both a lead and a sweep.

We offer a Ride Guide training every season to ensure that you feel prepared to lead a ride. Topics covered include:Pre-ride and at the trailhead, Waivers, During a ride: Group organization & stopping, Trail etiquette & Yielding, Emergency action planning, Weather, and Wildlife.


Have questions? Don't hesitate to drop us an email at