Hobbit 2 & 3, Schoolbus Intersection


What: When you’re riding to the School Bus Trail on either Hobbit 2 or Hobbit 3, you get dumped out into a large road with a trail kiosk where folks are often camping.  You then have to ride past a gate, down that road until you pick up the small connector on the right side of the road which will take you to the bottom of the 105 fireroad and then eventually on to School Bus.  It’s confusing, on a road, and not a great experience.


We’ll be cleaning up those intersections so that Hobbit 2, Hobbit 3 and School Bus are all connected by singletrack trail and you don’t have to ride the road at all. This will make navigation more intuative, and is part of the initiative of the Magnolia Non-Motorized Trail plan to reduce total intersections from the low 80s to the high 40s.


The new Hobbit 3 alignment will start at the beginning of descent when riding north to south and will address the eroded and blown out sections.


When: Work began in August 2018 and was completed in October


How: The majority of the trail will be hand built. A small steep section on Hobbit 2 may require some machine help.


Awesome, how can I help? Join us on September 29, 2018 for a Trail Building day! Or donate to our Trail Fund.