BMA is a Chapter of IMBA

But what does this mean? Does BMA lose its local identity? Will all my money go to IMBA? Are you selling out? NO!

What this means is that BMA is growing.

A partnership with IMBA allows us to grow thoughtfully, and leverage the resources and expertise of a national organization. Being part of IMBA's national network of almost 200 other chapters gives us access to a larger movement to build and protect trails, and get more people on bikes.

We're better together than we are apart.

Other perks of becoming an IMBA Chapter:

  • IMBA provides professional staff and services to support administrative tasks, freeing up BMA's time to build local trails, host social events, and plan local projects.
  • BMA can leverage IMBA connections and resources at the state and federal level.
  • BMA receives preferred status for grant-based funding and professional trail consulting.

AND, BMA is now officially a 501(c)3, which means that every contribution you make directly to BMA is tax-deductible. We're very excited about all this news, and promise to continue to advocate for a strong mtb community, and an awesome mtb experiences around Boulder County!