Initial West Magnolia Closure Info

BMA's first webpage about the West Mag logging and closures, Spring 2012.

Take a deep breath and read on, because there are good reasons this is happening and there are great opportunities ahead.

fuels treatment map

Take Note: These details will continue to change! Although BMA will make our best effort to keep this page up-to-date, the most current information will be found in the BMA newsletter or the BMA Facebook Page

First, the basics:


  • Overgrown forests and the pine bark beetle have turned West Magnolia (and a lot of other USFS land) into a tinderbox
  • To bring the land back to health, and help insure Nederland is defensible in the event of a big wildfire, West Mag needs to be extensively thinned.
  • Logging the forest = closing the trails while logging is going on.
  • This area has been on the long-term schedule for US Forest Service "fuels mitigation" for many years. Now that USFS has a contract to do the logging, it's finally going to happen.

When the closure comes:

  • Basically, all West Mag trails will be closed.
  • West Magnolia Road/Haul Road will be open to local traffic only
  • The parking areas will be closed
  • No camping
  • No riding... check the map... the area within the red border will be 100% closed for at least two months


  • Trails were closed on June 4, 2012.
  • Reopen date is to be determined.  Two months at a minimum.
  • How fast the area reopens depends on
    • How fast the loggers are able to complete the prescribed cutting.
    • How much rework/re-route trail crews will have to do AFTER THE LOGGERS LEAVE.

Where do I learn more?

What's the Good Part?

  • The USFS, along with BMA, Wildland Restoration Volunteers (WRV) and Nederland Area Trails Organization (NATO) are working together to minimize the impacts of this operation on the West Mag trails
  • A new master plan for the area is being created ... with the strong possibility of more and better trails after the logging!
  • The USFS is working hard to take public input on what comes next - read all about the April 5th open house.

It's been a long time coming, but the pine beetle has done its damage and it's time to consider how West Mag Recreation Area may be affected or altered. While it is truly sad to see a place we've come to love be altered by logging and to see many of our trails damaged/destroyed in the process, we're at a point where there are no favors left to call upon and no more tricks in the hat. It's just going to happen.

The USFS, along with BMA, Wildland Restoration Volunteers (WRV) and Nederland Area Trails Organization (NATO) are working together to minimize the impacts of this operation, but it's a certainty that West Mag will not look the same afterward.

For now, we'll keep you updated on what's open and when so you don't make a trip up and get completely turned back.


1) SIGN UP TO REBUILD TRAILS! We (along with USFS, WRV, NATO and others) are going to rebuild or repair the trails and we need volunteers. Watch this page for upcoming trail work opportunities

2) PROVIDE CONSTRUCTIVE INPUT ON WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE CHANGE. A revised Trail Master Plan is being crafted for this area. The USFS will use this plan to manage the West Mag area. Help us integrate your input into the plan! When the forestry stuff is done, many of the trails will be gone (or not make too much sense as swerving around trees that may or may not be there will seem a bit silly). So, this is an opportunity for YOU to send in feedback about the kinds of trails you like and want to ride when West Mag is reborn. Look--to be totally frank--nobody is happy about this, but the mountain bike community is going to make the best of a bad situation. We're looking for constructive comments. Do you want more up and down? more jumps/big air? signs? no signs? more flowy swoopy bermed turns? no flowy swoopy stuff? connections to other areas? social trails to retain?