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US Forest Service-Designated 44+ Mile System Approved

After years of solid partnership with the Boulder Ranger District, a $30,000 planning grant, and a ton of hard work, the US Forest Service (USFS) has approved an expansion of designated trail around the Nederland area that is on scale with Buffalo Creek.

2018 Work




New trail on Hobbit 3 at West Magnolia_


  • Hobbit 1, 2 and 3 improvements: As you ride Hobbits 1 and 2, you will find sections of trail that are super steep and eroded and might be fun for advanced riders in one direction, but hike-a-bike in the other direction for the majority riders. Both the Nederland Area Trails Organization (NATO) and BMA are fixing these sections to be fun and ride-able in both directions in keeping with the planned character for the Zone 1 trails close to town to be quick rides and easily accesible to the intermediate rider.  (If you’re an advanced rider who likes the gnar in one direction, you’ll still find it further out in zones 2-4, pedal on out into the more backcountry zones and rock on).
  • SuperVü: NATO built SuperVü in July 2018 from Clear Cut to the mid-point of Aspen Alley. The second half of the trail to the trailhead will be completed in 2019.
  • Observatory: NATO will re-route Observatory to remove it from a drainage area and link directly with Lookout in September.
  • 2018 NWSA Grant: BMA secured a grant to complete 2018 USFS projects.


2017 Work

  • Whew! Download the Final Report for the P-1 and West Magnolia Trail Project 2015-17.
  • November 2017: Finished the Sugar Mag reroute!
  • October 2017: Rerouted 400' of Sugar Mag that was on private property. Now a handbuilt singletrack!
  • Late September/October 2017: Turning the old Whoop-di road into a trail and making it link into the trailhead.
  • Early September 2017: Aspen Alley area. Scope includes rerouting the clearcut damaged trail, handbuilding new singletrack, and maintaining existing trails to link the Peak-to-Peak trailhead via sinuous singletrack to the work done by NATO on Lookout trail.


What is the Magnolia Trails project?

  • A USFS-designated 44+ mile, non-motorized stacked loop trail system with improved connectivity and sustainability that conforms to environmental & recreation standards
  • New restrooms and expanded parking at Front Range and West Magnolia trailhead
  • Connectivity to the Toll Conservation Easement Trail, a 12 mile trail that will connect Magnolia to Jenny Creek and the traverse to Winter Park
  • Connectivity via singletrack trail to the Town of Nederland
  • Obliterating 20+ miles of existing user-created trail that was determined to be redundant, unsustainable, on private property and/or in critical habitat
  • Winter grooming opportunity for Nordic skiing and fat tire biking!
  • Improved signage with an app-based trail map to assist in determining your ride

Where is it located?

  • Located just south/southeast/east of Nederland on 6,000 acres branching out from the Peak to Peak Highway in areas known as East Magnolia and West Magnolia

When can I ride it?

  • The project will be completed over the course of 7-10 years. The area will be open to biking, with partial closures, depending on construction and safety issues, in limited areas

What is the cost?

  • The estimates vary, but BMA believes the total cost to be between $1-2M

How will it get accomplished? What is BMA’s role?

  • Through partnerships with the USFS, community groups such as the Nederland Area Trail Organization, Boulder Nordic Club, Boulder Area Trails Coalition, and others will raise the money necessary to accomplish the plan
  • The USFS will contract with professional trail building companies, youth trail crews and volunteer groups to actually build and improve the trail systems as proposed by the USFS
  • BMA expects to fundraise up to 20% of the project costs over the next 3-7 years, or $200,000 to $400,000

Why is this important?

  • This change, initiated by USFS internal policy and for the benefit of the American people, is unavoidable. By collaborating constructively, good things can happen. Many of us know, love, and care for the trails and 'unique opportunities' around Nederland - not just in the Magnolia area.
  • BMA wants to preserve what is awesome, address the problems identified by the USFS, and add new, even more awesome opportunities into the mix.
  • Please get involved: join BMA, participate in the implementation process, volunteer or fundraise and experience firsthand how BMA is engaging with the USFS, the citizens of Nederland and Boulder, and BMA’s 1000+ members.

Here are all the USFS docs for the final approved system.

The final trail system map.

Magnolia Trails Project Next Steps

  • Implementation process started April 2017
  • Fundraising for trail building & matching dollars


P1_2017_Final_Report_R1 (1) (1).pdf3.52 MB