Park Safety

Park Safety

  • The bike park is an unsupervised facility.¬† Ride at your own risk.
  • Helmets and protective gear are strongly recommended
  • Features can be dangerous in any condition

Rider Safety

  • Ride within your abilities.¬† Progression is available throughout the park, start small and build upwards
  • Stay on trails, riding off trails can cause damage to the park
  • Respect trail closures
  • Do not modify trails or features
  • Follow all Directional Signage, and remember trail intersections come quickly
  • Do not skid out on trails
  • Remain aware of other users at all times
  • Yield to pedestrians and uphill bike traffic in the park
  • Strive to make each pass safe and courteous

Safety Gear

Take the necessary steps to protect yourself to ride another day. Injuries are a fact of life with dirt jumping, but you can minimize the effects with the proper safety gear:

  • A full-face helmet is preferred over a regular helmet and it's got to fit snugly so it won't fly off mid-air.
  • Shin, knee and elbow armor povides impact protection for high speed collisions, and just plain saves skin
  • Body armor can save someone from broken ribs or vertebrae. Those who have fallen on their backs while wearing body armor and jumping over rocks or concrete stairs can attest to this
  • Consider a neck brace. Some think they're overkill, others swear by them and wouldn't ride without one. Whatever your take on neck braces the facts are that you only have one neck, it's far from a good thing to break, and one of these will help stop it happening.

Pedestrian & Spectator Safety

  • For your safety please stay off of the specialized bike trails
  • Do not stop in areas with poor visibility
  • Find a safe area to watch riders
  • Parents, please make sure your kids do not wander in front of bikes on the trails
  • Dogs must be on leash at all times - please clean up after your pets
  • Deposit all waste in appropriate waste or recycling receptacles
  • Do not walk on terrain features - respect the native vegetation and wildlife

Take turns and have fun!