Program FAQ

BMA Brute Squad FAQ

Q: Can I still ride for fun?

A: Of course!  Though the workouts are more structured during the week, the weekend "workouts" typically just specify a recommended distance or duration.  We encourage you to do those rides on your favorite trails!  Plus, you'll have a lot of new potential riding partners with whom to share those adventures.

Q: Do I have to do the target race?

A: The training program is a 16-week program designed to have you perform to your full potential at the Laramie Range Epic.  Though we encourage everyone in the program to participate in this race, it is not required.

Q: Can I do a different race?

A: If you have a favorite race that occurs in the middle of the program, or after the program has ended, your coaches can help you adjust your training schedule to have you at your peak for a target race of your choosing.

Q: Do I have to do the practice races?

A: Practice races not only provide great workouts, but are a great way to dial in nutrition and hydration strategies, as well as your pacing plan for race day.  Practice races also help with improving bike handling, learning how to pass and get passed, and learning how to cope with the mental challenges of racing (including pre-race jitters, breaking through the wall, etc.)  Plus, they are typically a lot of fun.  Though they are not required, they are highly recommended.  We don't want your target race to be your first race of the season.  If you choose not to do a practice race, an alternate workout will be prescribed on the schedule for that day.  Note that race fees for practice races are not included as part of the program fee.

Q: How much experience do I need?

A: We assume you know how to ride moderately technical singletrack (e.g. Hall, Heil, Walker, Betasso, Marshall Mesa, Centennial Cone, Buffalo Creek, etc.) and are comfortable with the idea of riding long distances, and being in the saddle for the good part of the day. We are not expecting you to be able to drop 4-footers, huck cliffs, or blast downhills at breakneck speed.

Q: What equipment do I need?

A: A well-functioning mountain bike is a great start.  You can ride whatever type of mountain bike you like.  You can ride clipped in, or on flat pedals.  A helmet is a must.  Though not required, some kind of data collection device would be beneficial (Garmin, etc,) along with a heart rate strap or power meter.  A lighting system will be required if you plan to join us at the 18 Hours of Fruita, or other night rides.  We will be happy to give you guidance with any of your equipment needs.

Q: What if I am too slow for the group?

A: "Slow" is a pejorative label which doesn't really apply in our training group. We assume that we will have riders of varying speeds, and that's just fine. Workouts are based on time in the saddle, not distance traveled, so it really doesn't matter if you happen to travel at a lower rate of speed. All that matters is that you are doing the workout as prescribed for you.  Nobody will be left out, and nobody will be left behind.

Q: Am I expected to show up to every group workout?

A: We are not professional athletes, and as such, must balance our training with responsibilities of work, family, etc. At times, we all get unexpectedly busy, sick, or injured.  Your coaches will try to help you keep up with the training in those instances where life gets in the way and prevents you from attending a workout.  That said, success in this program is a result of showing up.  The more workouts you can attend, the better.

Q: Where will we ride?

A: The group workouts on Thursdays will be held at various locations in and around Boulder. They will start at 6 PM, and last about 60-75 minutes.

Q: What about the other workouts?

A: On Tuesdays and Saturdays, you are free to do the workout/ride on your own in the place of your choosing. If you want company, know that you'll have plenty of training partners who will be looking for company as well.

Q: Are there any additional costs?

A: The program fee does not include the entry fee for the Laramie Range Epic, or the practice races.  If you wish to purchase addtional team jerseys, shorts, gloves, arm/leg warmers, etc. beyond the kit items that are included with your registration, they can be purchased at a discounted rate.


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