Regional Mountain Trails Master Plan

Let's do it for us, our children, and their children too

We stand at the threshold of an exciting time where we, as a community, get to define what the future of non-motorized recreation looks like in western Boulder County.  This process will take over a year to complete, and the implementation will take more than a decade to put on the ground.

A bike ride of a thousand miles begins with a single pedal stroke.

BMA has been collaborating with mountain bikers from all over the County to create this ask list. This is by no means a complete list, and the details are purposely omitted because we don't want to get into too much detail yet. This list is meant to get your creative juices flowing and imagine the possiblities.

Do you have regional trails connections questions for the BMA Advocacy Team?  Contact us at

Non-Motorized Ask list for Regional Mountain Trails Master Plan - Western Boulder County

East of US 36/CO 93 not eligible because it is not in scope for this plan. Everything else is...

The Broad Strokes

Connections BMA would love to see happen...

  • Boulder to Lyons... US36 is a non-starter
  • Boulder To Nederland...
  • Nederland to Allenspark... The Switzerland trail through Caribou Ranch is a must
  • Extend the Boulder Creek trail to Chapman Drive and Betasso
  • Boulder to Gold Hill
  • Lyons to Estes Park
  • Lyons to Longmont
  • Ward To Brainard Lake
  • Ward to Jamestown
  • Raymond to Estes Park via Allenspark
  • Peaceful Valley to Raymond
  • Peaceful Valley to Ceran St Vrain Trail
  • Jamestown to Fairview Peak/ Left Hand OHV/ Heil Valley Ranch



How we could possibly make some of these connections ... without using roads!

  • Boulder To Lyons - Beech Hill over to Olde Stage & Left Hand Canyon Drive - Trails immediately starting On Heil Valley Ranch from Left Hand Canyon Drive. From Heil through to Hall Ranch. (great that connection on E side of 36 is off table)
  • Lyons to Rabbit Mountain to Larimer County
  • Boulder To Nederland - Eldo to Walker... Trails off Flagstaff Road to Chapman Drive
  • Nederland to Allenspark - Switzerland Trail through Caribou Ranch to the Sourdough - From Camp Dick to Allenspark - not the Bunce School 4x4 road!
  • Extend the Boulder Creek Trail - nuff said.
  • Boulder to Gold Hill - Gold Hill will be the last big county Open Space park...
  • Lyons to Estes Park... Hall through Buttonrock Preserve... to Homestead Meadows... to Hermit Park.. to Estes Park
  • Longmont to Lyons crusher fine/commuter path

Public Input Meetings

The first meeting is Thursday, April 18 in the Boulder County Commisssioners Hearing Room, 3rd floor, Boulder County Courthouse, at 6:30pm. While it is acceptable to go to any meeting that fits your schedule, these "listening" meetings are meant to hear for the community they are being held in.

The full list of meetings:

  • Boulder - April 18
  • Coal Creek Canyon - April 23
  • Lyons - April 24
  • Nederland - April 25
  • Southeast County (Louisville) - April 29
  • Jamestown - April 30
  • Longmont - May 1
  • Gold Hill - May 2
  • Allenspark - May 7
  • Ward - May 8
  • Eldorado Springs - May 9

We will continue to publish information about this project as we receive it.

What do you think of these connections?  Contact us at