Regional Mountain Trails Master Planning

Let's work together to define the regional trail network in Western Boulder County!

BMA has been working with our elected officials and land agency managers for three years to figure out how to build trails that connect all of western Boulder County's recreation destinations. Last September, all agencies gathered to get their collective arms around this task of looking beyond fencelines and connecting their parks and communities. We're excited to report they they were successful in their efforts and have agreed to engage in a process to include our community (that includes you!) to help redefine what recreation looks like in western Boulder County.

The RMTMP website is here.

Planners enter into this process with no preconceived ideas about what this network will look like, so they want to hear from the public first. The process begins with "listening" meetings in almost every community in Boulder County:


  • Boulder - April 18
  • Coal Creek Canyon - April 23
  • Lyons - April 24
  • Nederland - April 25
  • Southeast County (Louisville) - April 29
  • Jamestown - April 30
  • Longmont - May 1
  • Gold Hill - May 2
  • Allenspark - May 7
  • Ward - May 8
  • Eldorado Springs - May 9


BMA Advocacy peeps have been dreaming about what this system would look like for years, but we know that if our community speak with one voice, our impact and needs become more powerful. Your voice is incredibly valuable -- if no one speaks up for mountain bike access, mountain biking needs will be overlooked.

First, please consider attending one of the meetings above to advocate for mountain bike access and express your wishes. In a nutshell, we all want connectivity between trail systems and new trails that take all recreation needs into consideration (including mountain biking). Any insight you have on potential trail corridors, types of trail between parks, best spots for a trail, or other ideas are great additional input.

Second, BMA would love to hear from mountain bikers from all of these communities to compare our hopes, fears and desires for this future trail network. We would like to support your requirements and we would like you to support our requirements as well. Let's work together to get the most desirable result, so contact BMA with your ideas!