Replace Whoop-di-do Road with a Trail

The current Whoop-Di-Do trail is an 8-12’ old road bed, albeit with fun tank traps that you can jump. Right now it's a bit of an erosion disaster, with it getting wider all the time and erroding as water flows straight down the road.


BMA is helping the U.S. Forest Service implement part of it’s plan to replace this road with new 2’ wide true single track. It boasts views of the divide, incorporating several natural features including rock outcrops and will nearly double the trails length and makes it substainable from an erosion perspective as well.


They’ll be reclaiming the old road to more actively turn it back to nature.



Here is a link to the USFS proposed action map with the reroute proposed:



And here is the portion of the map pulled out for easy reading:


The new trail being built is green dotted line labeled “New 9” and the reclaimed road bed is the red dotted line labeled 925.1F.



Additionally, note that the trail will be rerouted to tie into the trail head vs dead-ending into a blind corner on Haul Rd.  Safer.  Nicer.


Partnering with The Forest Service, BMA has hired ContourLogic to lead the Mile High Youth Corps to perform the work partially with machine work to handle some of the more intense dirt moving which will then be finished back down to the desired 2’ single track by hand.



The project is made possible by funding provided by Colorado Parks and Wildlife with partner organizations BMA and BATCO.


Here is a link to the current trail on MTB Project:

Existing Road/Trail:


The trail will be closed as construction happens for the next couple weeks so please plan your rides accordingly