Ride your bike to Betasso from Town WITHOUT roads!

Have you ever ridden your bike to Betasso from town?  The Boulder go-to called Super Betasso?


If you have, then you're well aware of the game of frogger we play from the end of the Boulder Creek Path either up Boulder Canyon Road to the Betasso Link trail or up Four Mile Road to enter Betasso via the benjamin loop.  If you haven't, here's a link to see what Super Betasso looks like.

My favorite part of the super betasso description "Pray that drivers on Canyon Road are paying attention and keep pedaling."

And my favorite *ahem* part of the elevation profile are those red bits where you're heart is bursting as you pedal up the Betasso Link trail.

Now what if you didn't have to do either of those if you didn't want to?

That's what Boulder County is proposing:  The ability to ride straight on to trail from the end of the Boulder Creek Path!
That means no frogger, no pedaling up the link trail (unless you want to), and instead taking a longer trail (albeit still uphill) directly from the end of the creek path to join the betasso link trail near the top.
Note, this new trail would also be open on Saturdays so now you could ride this new trail  to the betasso link to get a lollipop ride in from town on Wednesdays and Saturdays!
If you like what you have read and will see below, feel free to let the people in power know that you love it!

They've put three options on the table

(the orange,  green and purple lines on the map below)

Some have you carrying your bike up a few stairs:

Some have you carrying your bike up an EPIC number of stairs:

We have many steps to get through, we're tracking it and we'll keep you posted!
Read all details about the different options in a PDF published by Boulder County.