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Can you imagine riding your bike from your garage to singletrack just West of downtown Boulder? We need you to help convince the Open Space Board of Trustees and City Council to ignore their recalcitrant staff and do the right thing. Ask them to support reasonable bike access on our open space lands so we can recreate with our children and without our cars!

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Copy and paste this ENTIRE list of email addresses into your email client (Gmail, Comcast mail, whatever gets it done); ignore the individual mailto links:,,,,,,,

Use the talking points below and write an email that goes something like this....

Dear OSBT, Council, and Manager Brautigam,

I am a citizen of Boulder, and I want thank the City Council for directing staff to hire an independent contractor to examine the possibility of a sustainable, shared use trail on Anemone Hill.  As you are aware, the contractor did indeed come up with trail options that would keep people on trail and provide a satisfying user experience.  I support the Main Loop System with Hiker Connections option.  A mountain bike accessible trail on Anemone Hill is important to me.


Thank you for your consideration,
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Talking Points

  • Disappointed with staff's recommendation, but not surprised
  • Mountain bikers stand ready to build this trail. Cost issues are of zero concern.
  • As a community, Boulder has already decided there is no room for mountain bikes in the West TSA. But surely a 5 mile loop trail is not so much to ask and not so much to give to maintain the engagement of an important class of citizens in open space issues?
  • You are a resident, taxpayer, registered voter, and an avid cyclist
  • If you have or work with kids, will this trail provide an opportunity for them? Let our decision makers know that we are not the caricatures of 30-something, adenaline-fueled, meat-heads. Tell them about yourself and why this trail is important to you.
  • Unhappy with the negative outcome of the West TSA process
  • Staff has already picked sides and can no longer be viewed as independent arbiters of the truth. Their actions both in public and behind the scenes indicate a bias against bikes. When we cannot rely on staff to do the right thing, we must rely on our elected and appointed politicians to set things straight. Now is the opportunity for OSBT and city council to do the right thing.
  • Anenome Hill is an opportunity to rebuild the goodwill between the cycling public and OSMP
  • All new trails have some environmental impact by definition. But this trail serves an important and neglected user group. Staff did not ban hikers in the West TSA because of environmental impacts. We're sick of the double standard. And our reclamation of unsustainable social trails to create this loop opportunity is not being taken into consideration.
  • Support the long term vision of connecting this trail system with Betasso
  • Does this issue affect your willingness to support an open space tax in the future? If so, let your elected and appointed representaive know about it!


Some nitty-gritty details: The Materials

The trail designers report to OSMP is here.  BMA supports option labelled Main Loop System with Hiker Connections. OSMP's assessment of the trail optios can be found here.  OSMP's memo to OSBT is here.