Submit a Patrol Report

Patrol reports are currently submitted via the following external site:

Reporting guidelines and FAQ:

Only one report per patrol please!

If you patrol with one or more parnters, only one person should enter a report.  List your partners on the patrol form, and you'll all get equal credit.

What's my password again??

For the external reporting site, your user name and password are different than what you use to log into the BMA website.  Your credentials were assigned when you joined the patrol and cannot be changed.  If you forget, email and we'll send you a reminder.

Reporting number of trail users seen by user type

You don't need 100% perfect numbers here, but please try to enter numbers that are close.  Different patrollers have different tricks for remembering totals as they ride, ask around for some tips.

Comments and Immediate Concerns

Feel free to enter any relevant extra info you like into the Comments section.  Our agency partners get these comments and they definitely read and appreciate them.  Examples of good content here are interesting encounters with other trail users (good or bad), wildlife seen, general impressions, etc.

Use the Immediate Concerns for more urgent observations that aren't a true emergency.  E.g. trail damage, possiblly dangerous wildlife, broken gates, etc.  Anything you enter here will generate additional email to concerned parties that will be treated with the appropriate urgency.