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Valmont Bike Park in the news:

2014 Cyclocross National Championships to take place at Valmont Bike Park in Boulder

from Daily Camera, posted 2/29/2012

USA Cycling announced Wednesday that Boulder had won the bid to host the 2014 Cyclocross National Championships at the Valmont Bike Park. "Boulder has really an international reputation as a cycling mecca," Smith said. "There's a huge, really strong supportive community in Boulder, and that's a huge component of our events." A committee from USA Cycling visited all three potential host cities in January. Boulder's Valmont Bike Park was their final stop on the tour, and Smith said organizers "came back just raving about the course." "A huge factor was the Valmont Bike Park, itself," Smith said. "It's one of the only permanent cyclocross courses around."...

Boulder's Valmont Bike Park hosts Mountain Bike Fest

from Daily Camera, posted 8/25/2011

This Sunday, mountain bikers who have been riding at the Valmont Bike Park all summer will have their first chance to race there. Sunday's Boulder Mountain Bike Fest, a fundraiser for the park, will have racing, clinics, food and entertainment."Everybody's been waiting for an event to happen out there, so everybody's really excited, and it's a fun course," said Joel Alamo, who will drive down from Idaho Springs for the Boulder Mountain Bike Fest".

Valmont Bike Park Opens in Colorado

from IMBA, posted 7/8/2011

"A model facility for professionally designed and constructed cycling facilities, Valmont Bike Park recently opened in Boulder, Colorado. Valmont was developed with the support and partnership of City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department, IMBA's Trail Solutions, Alpine Bike Parks and the local cycling community - particularly the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance (BMA). Other organizations, such as the PLAY Boulder Parks Foundation and Great Outdoors Colorado, made significant contributions by fundraising and building community support."

Valmont Bike Park: Clean, dirt-jumping fun

from Examiner.com, posted 6/30/2011

"Look down the shoot of the man-made hill and see wooden wall rides, drops, kickers, doubles, woop-dee-dos and single-track. The first of its kind, the 40-acre Valmont Bike Park combines cross-country, downhill, dual slalom, mountain cross, and BMX. Jumps were labeled in a broad assortment of ability levels from extra small to extra large"

The Valmont Park Opens! Is MBP next?

from McLaren Bike Park SF, CA, posted 6/17/2011

"In just a few short days, our initial McLaren Bike Park Community Design Meeting will be talking place at the Crocker Amazon Clubhouse. This Saturday at 1pm, Alpine Bike Parks will be helping SFUR with the Community Design Process, hopefully with many of you in attendance. We're extremely excited to be working with Alpine on this project- if you haven't been seeing the coverage online of the grand opening of Boulder, Colorado's Valmont Bike Park, take a quick look at the dirt and wood masterpiece Alpine has created."

Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, CO Now Open

from Crank Collective

"Valmont Bike Park in Boulder is sweet! Huge motivation to go buy some sort of dirt jump bike. Park layout is great and well organized and accessible to all rider levels and interest. Single track is rated green and blue with green being the easiest and blue being a bit more challenging. Tons of great flowing trail with big banked corners and all sorts of rock and bridge features to test your skills. Also all trails are directional and allow you to really push the speed. Total mileage and climbing is low but sure is a ton of fun!"

Valmont Bike Park Opens

from Pinbike, posted 6/17/2011

"On a sunny Saturday afternoon at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, City of Boulder officials led a ribbon cutting ceremony, marking the official opening of Valmont Bike Park, a 40-acre paradise for cycling enthusiasts of all ages, abilities and interests.  Fifteen years in the making, Valmont was a true community effort that came to fruition through the united effort of a passionate cycling community, a forward-thinking parks and recreation department, and one of the best bike park builders in the business, Alpine Bike Parks, LLC out of Whistler, Canada"

Valmont Bike Park: Opening Day

from Vital MTB, posted 6/13/2011

"Huge kickers, huge tricks and huge guts for the people that dared to ride the Valmont Bike Park on Saturday, June 11, in Boulder. The park was designed and built by Alpine Bike Parks."

Colorado's Valmont Bike Park opens

from Bike Radar

"In a city with deep cycling history and tradition, 11 June 2011, may well go down as the most important day of all. It was on that sunny Saturday afternoon that Boulder, Colorado saw the long-awaited opening of Valmont Bike Park, a 40-acre paradise for the two-wheeled sect."

Boulder's Valmont Bike Park Finally Opens

from Boulder.com

"Boulder's new Valmont Bike Park opened after 15 years in the planning. The 40-acre park is at Valmont and Airport roads. It has natural-surface riding area, many trails and structures for all skill levels - in including a toddler area"

Valmont Bike Park opening 2011: Valmont Bike Park

Photos from Velo News

Field Notes: At Valmont Bike Park's opening day, families abound

from Colorado Daily, posted 6/12/2011

"What caught my eye at the Valmont Bike Park's opening day on Saturday wasn't the riders soaring through the air off the biggest terrain the park has to offer -- it was the scores of wee ones. Tots scooted Strider bikes alongside siblings and parents with pedals. One girl asked her dad to stay longer as he tried to coax her toward an exit. One mom, on foot, escorted her daughter, on training wheels, across a short, rocky terrain feature."

Valmont Bike Park is OPEN

from Elevation Outdoors Magazine, posted 6/12/2011

"After years of wrangling, dreaming, and scheming, the 40-acre Valmont Bike Park is finally open. With the help of the city of Boulder, the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA), the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance (BMA), a bunch of generous donors, and an intrepid crew of volunteers, Valmont is now one of the nation's premiere cycling venues"

$3.2 million Valmont Bike Park opens in Boulder

from Velo News posted 6/12/2011

"Some good ideas can take awhile... Bobby Noyes began promoting the idea of a bike park in Boulder in 1996. On June 11, 2011, Noyes stood on stage at the brand new, 40-acre Valmont Bike Park with a big grin. Behind him, riders of all ages rode everything from massive slopestyle jumps to pump tracks to cross-country singletrack."

Valmont Bike Park Opens To The Public

from CBS Denver posted 6/11/2011

"The Valmont Bike Park held its grand opening on Saturday, and officials promise it will be unlike any other in the United States. The park is located near the intersection of Airport and Valmont Roads on the northeast end of the city. It includes 40 acres of rolling green hills and trees."

Boulder Valmont Bike Park: the whole story

from Boulder Channel 1 News, posted 6/11/2011

"The 40-acre Valmont Bike Park is part of the 132-acre, largely undeveloped, Valmont City Park (VCP). The park property was purchased in the mid-nineties and an original concept plan for VCP was approved by Boulder City Council and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board in 1998. An updated park concept plan was adopted in 2006 to better reflect the current recreational needs and interests of the community. The final concept plan for VCP was approved in July 2008, and will be implemented in three phases. In Phase 1, the city is developing 45 acres on the north side of Valmont Road. This phase includes the 40-acre bike park and will also feature improvements to the existing dog park and development of a disc golf course. Future phases of the park will be developed as public and private funding become available."

Boulder's Valmont Bike Park celebrates opening day

from the Daily Camera posted 6/11/2011

"An idea 15 years in the making became a reality when the Boulder biking community celebrated the park's opening Saturday morning. Located at Valmont and Airport roads, the park features 40 acres of natural-surface riding and multiple trails and structures for any rider's skill level, including a tricycle area for toddlers."

A dream come true: Boulder's cutting-edge bike park set to open

from Boulder Weekly posted 6/9/2011

"When the Valmont Bike Park officially opens on Saturday, June 11, it will be the culmination of almost 15 years of planning, hard work and dedication on behalf of the biking community and the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department."

Weekend Ticklist: Valmont Bike Park opens

from Colorado Daily posted 6/9/2011

"I've been anxiously awaiting this for months (especially since my office moved nearby). Some of you have waited years. Decades. Geologic time has passed. Glaciers have melted, multiple bike parts have worn out since the first visionaries thought, let us have a bike park, where treaded rubber can be free to kiss dirt between gasps of big air, and the clouds shall part, and the angels shall sing"

One-of-a-kind, natural surface bike park to open June 11 in Boulder

from Fox 31 Denver posted 6/6/2011

What do you call 40 acres of twisting trails, mild to wild dirt, structural jumps, strategically-placed sand pits, logs, boulders and staircases? While off-road cyclists may soon call it, "Shangri La," we call it, "Valmont Bike Park."...

Valmont Bike Park Opens To The Public

from Colorado Daily News, posted 6/6/2011

A bike park that has been 2 years in the making opened this weekend in Boulder. The Valmont Bike Park held its grand opening on Saturday, and officials promise it will be unlike any other in the United States. The park is located near the intersection of Airport and Valmont Roads on the northeast end of the city. It includes 40 acres of rolling green hills and trees.


Rolling dice

Boulder's leading mountain bike activist speaks out, from Boulder Weekly posted 6/2/2011

"Jenn Dice from International Mountain Biking Association, talks about the recent controversy over adding mountain bike access along Boulder's western foothills still simmering, Boulder Weekly caught up with Dice to get her take on new trails for Boulder riders, the impacts of demographics on decision makers and the future of IMBA."

Valmont Bike Park Grand Opening

from Decline Magazine posted 6/2/2011

"You're all invited to the Valmont Bike Park grand opening festivities on Saturday, June 11 from 9AM to 4PM. This public event will celebrate the opening of North America's most state-of-the-art natural-surface bike park. It will be cool so bring your friends and family including your kids. Valmont's amenities include family trails, cross country trails, cyclocross courses, a slopestyle terrain park, dirt jumps, a dual slalom race course, 2 pump parks, and a paved run bike track."

10 of the greenest parks in the U.S.

from Mother Nature Network posted 5/25/2011

"All across the country, national parks are doing their part to make environmentally friendly updates. Here are 10 parks in the U.S. taking steps to be the greenest spaces in America."

Valmont Bike Park Grand Opening and F.A.Q.

from Boulder Cycle Sport

"Is your equipment ready for the bike park? Remember that we have inventory in stock to outfit your entire family for bike park riding from head to toe with bikes, full face helmets, knee/shin pads, full finger gloves, flat pedals, non-lycra clothes, and more. Call and talk to our dirt jump, downhill, freeride expert employees for suggestions to best suit your riding style. Tanner, Steve, Andy, Eric and Jeremy all have a lot of experience to share!"