How BMA Needs You:

BECOME A RIDE GUIDE: We have 8 weekly rides for all levels of riders, and need smiling faces to lead and sweep.

TRAIL BUILDING: Last year we had 19 Trail Building projects, with over 1766 volunteer hours worked. In 2016 our goal is to double that - Join us to participate in a trail building event!

JOIN A COMMITTEE: BMA is an all volunteer organization which means we don't just want your help, we need it. Get involved in one of our leadership committees today!


Log your volunteer hours!

When you work for us, we want to recognize that.   Tell us how much you've worked and what you did here:

Note: This is not for Bike patrol, you still log hours in your normal way, just not here.

Log Your Volunteer Hours Here

Why Volunteer?

The Obvious...

Ok, we all know that volunteering leads to a nice sense of personal satisfaction, and leads to more trail, which leads to more biking which leads to more personal satisfaction, etc.   So volunteering is going to make your life better, we promise.

The Not So Obvious...

When a volunteer logs their hours, the club can use that in many ways.

  1. We can use that for a value of around $25 for each hour logged as matching funds for any grants we apply for.
  2. We can tout the number of volunteer hours to political agencies to show how involved and useful we are ,which gives us a bigger voice at the table.
  3. It helps us track internally how well we're doing at motivating the community to get out and help.

But...Everyone loves to be rewarded, Right?

We'll be keeping track of how much you volunteer throughout the year (make sure you log your hours!) and we'll publish those on the web so you have bragging rights.  At the annual year end party, we'll have a HUGE table of schwag and the person who volunteers the most gets to choose first.  We'll march down the list in order of most volunteered until all the schwag is gone.

When we see somebody going above and beyond in the volunteer realm, we'll give them a shout out on the BMA Facebook group and encourage other members to buy you a beer.  I mean hey, free beer!

We're actively working to find more perks, so put any ideas you have for volunteer perks out on the BMA Fackebook group because WE NEED YOUR HELP!

To get involved email our volunteer coordinator