West Magnolia Public Process

September 5 2013

BMA Submits Comments on the Magnolia Trails Project

Wow! That was a lot of work!

Ever since the Boulder Ranger District (BRD) came out with their Proposed Actions for this recreation area, BMA trail geeks have spent many, many hours formulating our consolidated comments for the USFS.

The Process

Everybody who calls West Mag and the Dots "their backyard" has an opinion on what the future of recreation should look like in this area.  So you might think BMA's comments may have been created in a vaccuum and a dozen or two people created this feedback.

Nope... Remember the survey that was run back in February?  That survey was a gold mine for guiding our input to the BRD.  Sent to 21 organizations that included EVERYBODY who might care about this land, we got nearly 700 responses in two weeks.  We then handed the raw data to a planner that knew nothing about the West Mag area to summarize the results.

The Survey Summary is here.  We used it create comments that reflected the community's desires for this future recreation area.

To that end we took the scoping map that was created by the BRD and revised it to reflect some changes we thought would make this even more awesome than what was proposed.

The BMA Revised Map is here.

Next we created a spreadsheet that spoke to every trail segment that was on the map, including the changes that BMA is suggesting.

The BMA Detailed Comments Spreadsheet is here.  No stone unturned...

Lastly, We created a document that tied all of these pieces together,  It speaks to these documents, as well as overarching issues that we feel must be addressed to make this recreation area work for the users and the community that it lies next to.

BMA Official Comments are here.

Yeah, that's a lot to digest and process.  As partners with the BRD, we know and accept that what we want isn't ever exactly what we get.  This place in the "process" is just a baby step toward getting to "yes" with the USFS.

And once we get to "yes" on "what" goes on the ground, we get to figure out the "how" of making this recreation area a reality.

Thanks to the dozens of BMA members who participated in this effort; and our sincere thanks to everyone who gave us their thoughts and dreams for this area in the survey.


Baby steps will get us there...

mike barrow

BMA Advocacy Director


The Forest Service doesn't have the resources to make this project a reality. This will take recreationists of all stripes coming together to make something lasting and awesome. BMA currently does not have the resources to make this a reality either; partnerships and coalitions will need to be formed, grants applied for, capacity built, contractors engaged, and most of all volunteers that are driven toward a common goal.  Bring it.

For more information, visit this US Forest Service page.

BMA West Mag web archive

Historical info on West Mag logging and closures project:

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