Where can I ride my E-MTB in Boulder County?



E-bike Laws by Classification

In August 2017 the governor of Colorado signed HB 17-1151, updating the law that regulates the operation of bicycles in the state. Under the new law, electrical-assisted bikes, or e-bikes, are no longer classified as motorized vehicles, and the definition is expanded to three classes.

  • Class 1 and 2 e-bikes - Allowed on bike or pedestrian paths where bikes are allowed unless local governments take action to prohibit them.
  • Class 3 e-bikes - Not allowed on bike or pedestrian paths unless local governments take action to allow them.

What that means in Boulder County

Most single-track mountain bike trails in Boulder County fall under the jurisdiction of three land managers, Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP), Boulder County Parks and Open Space (BCPOS), and US Forest Service (USFS). Each of these entities has taken action to prohibit electrical-assisted mountain bikes or eMTBs.



Summary of Rules

Parks and trails where e-MTBs are NOT allowed*

Parks and trails where e-MTBs are allowed*


e-MTBs are not allowed on any OSMP trails.

Boulder Valley Ranch

Chapman Drive

Flatirons Vista

Doudy Draw

Marshall Mesa



The Boulder County Commissioners do not support allowing e-bikes under an interpretation of the new state law, given that the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan restricts recreation on open space to passive uses, defined in part as non-motorized.


BCPOS staff is recommending that e-MTBs be allowed on some Plains trails.

Betasso Preserve

Boulder Canyon Trail

Coalton Trail

Hall Ranch

Heil Valley Ranch

Walker Ranch

Rabbit Mountain

Mayhoffer Singletree

Mud Lake

Carolyn Holmberg Preserve at Rock Creek Farm

Harney Lastoka

Lagerman Agricultural Preserve

Legion Park

Meadowlark Trail (Coalton Trailhead)

Niwot Trails

Pella Crossing

Twin Lakes Walden Ponds Wildlife Preserve

Coal Creek Trail

LoBo Trail

Rock Creek Trail


e-MTBs are not permitted on USFS non-motorized trails. E-bikes are permitted on all USFS trails and roads that are open to motorized vehicles. See here and here for Boulder Ranger District and US Forest Service e-bike policy.

LHOHV (currently closed to motorized)

East Magnolia

West Magnolia

Little Raven

Buchanan Pass

Winiger Ridge


S St. Vrain

Switzerland Trail

Gordon Gulch

Middle St. Vrain Road

505 Road

Coney Flats Road

Boulder Parks & Recreation

E-Bikes are not permitted on non-motorized soft surface trails managed by Boulder Parks & Recreation. See map for all multi-use paths in the City of Boulder.

Valmont Bike Park


Colorado Parks & Wildlife

Class 1 e-bikes are allowed in all Colorado State Parks where bicycles are permitted. Eldorado Canyon State Park has 2 trails open to e-MTBS.


Rattlesnake Gulch

Crescent Meadows Trail (accessed from Gross Dam Rd.)

*This is not a complete list of all trails.

Read BMA's position statement on e-bikes.