Betasso Canyon Loop Trail Day

Mike Rutter (Boulder Country Trail Builder Extraordinaire), reached out to us looking for a few experienced folks to help with a trail day at Betasso this Saturday.  So if you have a few trail days under your belt, read on.

The Boulder High Mtb Team will be out there, but he'd like a few people that have to help him mentor/guide the strong backs of the high schoolers.  It's not complicated work, mainly making sure you understand Mike's directions and that they do too in case you see them going astray in their teenager zeal.  So if you've shaped trail before, you're good to go.
They're going to be doing "major reconstruction of the main loop below the bench" in his words.
If you can make it out to help, contact Mike and let him know:   <>
2017/10/14 - 9:00am - 12:30pm