Trail Building at Schoolbus Trail - BMA & USFS

BMA and the US Forest Service team up for National Public Lands Day

No prior trail work is required, and this is a fun trail project for people of all abilities. We'll teach you everything you know, or if you have experience already, let you run with it!

BMA will provide tools and any other trail building equipment needed.

If you only have one day to give back to the trails you love, now is the time.

Date Saturday, September 27
Location Schoolbus Trail
Directions to Meeting Spot

Cars: Haul Road (West Magnolia) West approx. 1 mile to main parking lot (on left).

4WD & SUVs'L Haul Road (West Magnolia) West to 355.1. South on 355.1 to campsite (adjacent to Trail Kiosk at top of Hobbit 2).

Note: After a short shuttle ride, there will be an ~1 mile hike to the site

Time 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Sign up below to join us!

About this project

Schoolbus is one of the favorite trails in the West Magnolia Trail system. Erosion has caused significant damage to the trail in multiple spots.

The days' work will include repairing two switchbacks. We will build rock walls out of rock and armor the surfaces to prevent further erosion. We will also be "de-berming" the trail to create drainage and prevent further erosion. Lastly, we will be doing further erosion control on an old road bed to also prevent further erosion. The work area will be directly adjacent to the namesake "Bus".

There will be a Barbeque for all trail work participants on Saturday evening.

Camping & Sunday Ride

Camping: Camping is available on Friday or Saturday night. The campsite is adjacent to Trail Kiosk at top of Hobbit 2.

Sunday Ride:

After a day of trail building on Saturday, we'll enjoy the fruits of our labors on Sunday with a guided ride on the West Magnolia trails, including School Bus. The ride will be led by experienced BMA Ride Guides, and will be a "no drop" ride for advanced beginners and up!

  • Rde leaves at 9:15 a.m. from the campsite
  • We'll ride for between 2-3 hours for 12-18 miles.
  • All riders MUST wear a helmet, bring water, and have a trail-ready bike.

Please bring:

Water, Snacks, Sunscreen, Pants, Sturdy Boots, Work Gloves, Sunglasses, appropriate outer wear for weather.


2014/09/27 - 9:00am - 3:00pm


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See you there. Can't stay for the BBQ dinner.

school bus trail work day sign up

Planning on being there to help work on school bus trail.  Sign up process was very difficult and took me lots of attempts to create login etc..... I agree almost a deal breaker.... hard to sign up...
PS....can you sign my husband up as well.  he has no time to do this sign up and he will sign waiver when he gets there....
Mathew Stackpole,

Trail Building at Schoolbus

Was hoping to participate, but will be out of town now.  Sorry!

Looking forward to

Looking forward to volunteering for a beloved trail. Although the navigation to sign up and having to create an account was almost a deal breaker. For me it really takes away from the community feel. Nonetheless, glad to have an opportunity to "officially" show stewardship for a valuable recreational resource.


We could certainly improve the navigation and will send your comments to the 0.1 FTE IT department. But part of the sign up process is needed to facilitate liability waivers. Yes, it takes away from community, but it is necessary to make the lawyers happy and prevent spam robots from taking over our sign up forms.

web signup

Hi Jake,

Thank you for signing up and for providing feed back on the process.  I will forward this to our web masters.  We appreciate any input that makes it easier for people to participate in land stewardship projects.  I look forward to meeting you out on the project day.


Best regards,

Jenn A.

School Bus

I'll be there

Have to withdraw my name

dlstokes here, I'm removing my name from the sign up list. I hurt my hand in a fall and I'd be little help on Saturday. Hopefully someone else can fill my slot. Sorry I can't be part of this!

Thank you for checking in.  I

Thank you for checking in.  I hope you heal quickly.  If you'd like to put some ice on it, we will be having cold beverages after the event so if you'd like to stop by and say hello and have a burger, please do so.

Best regards,


I am happy to take that spot

I am happy to take that spot and move some dirt for you. Heal quickly!