Valmont Bike Park Volunteer Day - Grass Seeding

Join Boulder Mountainbike Alliance for a hands-on opportunity to visit the coming Valmont Bike Park and help create one of the finest bike parks on the planet!

All volunteers must pre-register for this workday. If you are logged in to the website but don't see a sign-up section at the bottom of this page, it means registration is full - sorry!

On Saturday, March 26th, from 9am to 1pm, we need 30 volunteers to help seed the turf between the trails.  Although this is not a trail building experience, we are trying to establish native grasses on site.  The excavation and grading of the site has left many areas barren, and we need your help in getting the turf started.

We will meet on site at 9am and spread out across the site and spread a custom mix of seed consistent with the grasses on the front range of Colorado.  After the work is complete, we will provide lunch and provide a tour of the site.  Unfortunately, there will be no bike riding allowed this day.  Getting the turf established is very important to getting the park open this spring.  Please show your support of our Parks Department and BMA.  The City of Boulder Parks Department is hustling to get this open as soon as possible, and this is one of the many steps. We want to show out support, with 30 hard working volunteers, sign up now!

To sign up for this event, you must first login to the BMA website.

To whet your appetite and so you can appreciate what a total moonscape the park is right now, here's a few additional pics of the Valmont Bike Park features - see more on the VBP website.

whale tail

big wall ride

2011/03/26 - 9:00am - 1:00pm


Valmont grass seeding

where do I sign up?

project is limited to 30 people

The project is limited to 30 people, and 30 people registered to help within the first few days!  You should probably check back here later today, there's always a chance someone will cancel their registration and free up a spot at the last minute.  Thanks for your understanding!

Available to help

If you need any additional volunteers I would like to join in too.  Because the initial event page only shows a partial list of the people signed up - I had checked periodically over the week - I mistakenly thought the event wasn't full and that I still had time to sign on.  Oh well.  Let me know.

sorry 'bout that

the sidebar only shows the first 10 people to sign up for an event.  Registration has been full for several days now.  :(  I'll see if I can figure out how to turn on a list of all registrants so this doesn't happen again.

nice job getting that full

nice job getting that full list up Andria!  Thanks.  I won't make that mistake again. ;)

VBP volunteering

I'd like to sign up for the VBP seeding day if you still need people. Kayla Thomason

you are signed up now

Hi Kayla - I went ahead and added you to the volunteer list, but for future reference all you have to do is put your name and phone number into the Sign Ups section right above these comments, then click "sign up".  Easy cheesy!

VBP workday

I'm in. Probaly best as an admin volunteer given the lame leg.

I can be there from 9-11 on Sat

Please let me know if you need any mor vol's. I can be there from 9AM start through 11.
Let me know!