Walker Ranch Mgmt Plan - We Need Your Help!

Walker Ranch Management Plan

  • Do you want to ride trail between Boulder, Walker, and Nederland?
  • Think that there could be more trails at Walker Ranch?
  • Tell the Boulder County Commissioners!

Boulder County Parks and Open Space (BCPOS) released the final draft of the Walker Ranch Management Plan. This plan determines how to manage Walker Ranch going forward. The Boulder County Commissioners are holding a public hearing Tuesday, July 30 to review and receive public comment on the Plan.

At the Public Hearing, Boulder County staff will present the Plan and address questions from the Commissioners before the Commissioners open the plan for public comment from attendees. Once the Commissioners are satisfied that they've have the information required to make a decision they may choose to approve, alter and approve, or decline to approve the proposed Walker Ranch Management Plan at the hearing on the July 30.

BMA believes that the plan can be better, and we need your help to influence change.

If we do not speak up, the opportunity to improve Walker Ranch will be missed. BMA needs your support to tell our County Commissioners that the plan can - and should - do more for mountain bikers. Boulder County Commissioners do listen to you and they can be swayed by what you have to say, but you have to show up.

Please attend this hearing next Tuesday and provide public comment. This is an important opportunity to increase mountain biking access and improve the mountain biking experience at Walker Ranch!

How You Can Help:

  1. Sign our pledge to show your support for improving the mountain biking experience at Walker Ranch.
  2. Come to the public hearing and make a public comment:

  • Tuesday, July 30 at 4:30 (Boulder County Courthouse (3rd Floor);1325 Pearl St (on the Pearl St. Mall, that funny art deco building with the big lawn).
  • Here are some suggested talking points that you can reiterate to the Commissioners:
    • Develop a longer trail connection for more advanced riders from Eldorado Canyon State Park to Walker Ranch.
    • Build a new easy/intermediate loop trail in the burn area. This trail will serve as the first link in a regional trail system connecting Nederland to the City of Boulder.
    • Develop a trail from Walker Ranch toward Chapman Drive so that bikers can access Walker Ranch from the City of Boulder without a car.
    • Designate a trail corridor along Kossler Lake Road from the Pine Needle Notch.
    • Mountain bikers support a balanced approach to providing human-powered recreation opportunities while conserving wildlife habitat and plant communities at Walker Ranch.
    • BMA encourages the Board of County Commissioners and Boulder County Parks and Open Space staff to consider the potential for new and improved recreation opportunities and multiuse trail connections at Walker Ranch.
    • Progress on regional trail connectivity in the Walker Ranch Management Plan should proceed in tandem with this effort.

Thank you!

2013/07/30 - 4:30pm - 9:00pm