Bike Patrol

2011/08/20 - 8:09pm

Today on the lefthand trail in North Boulder, I opened a gate and it self destructed.  As you can see, the base of the post is completely rotted out.  After jumping out of the way of the carnage, I moved the gate to a safe settled place and snapped a photo of my victory.


Personally, I hope this gate is done.  I never saw the need for it.  Most of the cattle are grazed south of the Luchetta road.




2011/06/09 - 7:08am


In spite of the gloomy weather lurking, I was determined to be on the trail yesterday,  As expected, I smiled the whole ride through.  Then I smiled again making this video.  There is no better prozac than riding a mountain bike.

We need to let this blog embed video :(.