Knobby Monday

2011/07/15 - 10:29am

The July ride was successful especially as more than half of the group had never ridden those trails before!  Speaking for myself the weather was perfect and the company was excellent.  The discussions ranged from is it better to have one bike or many, new handlebars, custom bikes and all sorts of things that those of us who are self proclaimed gear heads just love.  One of the greatest things about group riding is the fact that you get to learn so much about trails, people, bikes the whole lot of it.

Venturing off to a new trail system is always exciting but the excitment usually includes getting lost, possbily ending up in a subdivision or trying to convince a possibly reluctant local to show you around.  Not so on the last ride.  I not only got some good trail education but what direction is best to run the trails depending on how you feel and even the safe outs.  I figure if one area can satsify an 8 yr old and advanced riders we pretty much hit the jack pot.

Lunch was also a bit of an adventure this time around- goodness!  Burgers for everyone!  Gail and I have some plans for the next ride so I want everyone to come back and see our new and improved offering.  More salads and goodies!  Please let us know if you have any suggestions, love to hear the feedback!

Get out and ride!  See you on Aug 20th!!




2011/06/28 - 7:35pm

Who's ready to ride West Mag?  We are!  The excitement is building for our next group ride.  The bikes will continue to see some dirt next weekend.  We are starting to pour over the map and look at different routes.  Are you already planning on riding there?  If so let us know what your favorites are!  The weather is always at least a little cooler up there so the day should be awesome in addition to being able to BBQ right in the parking lot.

Nothing says you are going to have a fun day then driving though town with 2 mtn bikes, a pop up tent, a BBQ and assortment of coolers all strapped down in your truck.  Don't forget the lawn chairs!  We also plan on having a frisbee or 2 for some fun while we serve up the picnic.  Please, try not to hit the cook with the frisbee.  Unless you give him beer.  And a burger.  With bacon.

See you all there!




2011/06/28 - 7:20pm

The first Knobby ride of the summer kicked off in beautiful weather at Marshall Mesa.  No matter what, a logo tent causes people to stop, especially bikers looking for free stuff!  Those riders not with our ride helped themselves to some stickers, biker ettiquette training, water and overall welcome to a great day of riding.  Those riders with our ride went through a meet and greet before Elizabeth and Bruce, our de facto ride leaders got us on the trail.

2 groups set out at a varying pace- we all got to meet in the middle, stopped to take some pictures, and cheer on some other riders coming around the bend of the trail who might have thought that they won something however, it was just our enthusiasm for the day!  We had one tumble, an actual somersault over the handlebars but she showed up at the midpoint in spite of it all.  Yoga must help you take a fall, right?

Most of the riders kicked back with us at Karli G's house- a BIG THANK YOU to her and her husband for giving us such nice digs. Cool, casual lunch, great conversation over a few beers to end a great day.  Most people lingered to chat while saying, 'I should really go home and mow the lawn, but I guess I will have another beer...'

Thanks to BC and Logan for manning the tent and the BBQ! Thank you to Bruce and Elizabeth for leading the discussions of rider ettiquette and the rides! Hope to see everyone back at West Mag for another great day of riding.