Bike Patrol

Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol (BMBP) is a volunteer mountain bike organization dedicated to promoting responsible riding and trail use on our public lands, providing assistance and education to trail users, and participating in this mission by riding our bikes.  Our patrollers ride designated County, City, and U.S. Forest Service trails and provide simple, helpful assistance (such as giving directions to trail users, helping with minor mountain bike repairs, and educating riders about the rules of the trail).  Patrollers report patrol activity via an easy web form after completing their rides.

BMBP is a volunteer service organziation affiliated with Boulder Mountainbike Alliance that provides assistance to four different land management agencies in Boulder County: U.S. Forest Service, City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks, City of Boulder Parks and Recreation, and Boulder County Parks and Open Space. Patrollers ride trails such as West Magnolia; Marshall Mesa; Hall, Heil Valley, and Walker Ranches; Betasso Preserve; and Rabbit Mountain. If you already ride these areas regularly, consider joining BMBP - you can chalk up your rides as "volunteer time".  If you want to ride more, BMBP provides a great way to branch out!

Our Mission

The mission of the Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol (BMBP) boils down to the 3 P's:

  • Promoting responsible riding and trail use on our public lands
  • Providing assistance and education to trail users
  • Participating in this mission by riding our bikes

What is patrolling?

When you join BMBP, you undergo BMBP training and agree to volunteer a set number of hours a year as a bike patroller. While on patrol, you ride designated trails and take time to interact with fellow trail users. You 'patrol' by providing simple, helpful assistance:

  • handing out maps
  • helping with minor bicycle repairs
  • providing first aid assistance (with proper training)
  • educating fellow riders on the Rules of the Trail

Bike patrolling is only about educating and helping others.  Enforcement is left to the professionals - the rangers who manage our public lands.  Patrolling is all about spreading the mountain bike love.

To donate directly to the Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol, click here and use the pull down menu to direct your donation to assist with the Patrol's mission!