Brute Squad 2018

BMA's Endurance Training Club

  • Have you ever wanted to try a long race, ride, or multi-day tour, but were not quite sure how to prepare?
  • Have you ever participated in one of these events and felt that you fell short of your full potential?
  • Are you looking for a fun, supportive, and non-competitive environment to help with your training?
  • Are you looking for like-minded individuals to share training rides?
  • Are you ready to ride longer, stronger, and faster in 2018 than you ever have before?

Brute Squad 2018

The Brute Squad (BMA Riders United in Training for Endurance) training program is a 19-week program designed to have you at your peak of fitness in preparation for an end-of-season goal race.  The training schedule consists of three workouts per week, including a one-hour coached workout every Thursday where we train together as a group.  This year our goal race is the Dakota Five-O (50 miles) in Spearfish, South Dakota on September 2.  (Participation in the end-of-season race is encouraged, but not required.)

The program is designed specifically to build the strength and endurance required for long-distance rides. We will address all aspects of performance necessary to execute to full potential on the day of your event (nutrition and hydration strategies, mental focus and resilience, etc.)

The men and women of the Brute Squad typically cover a wide range of age, speed, and experience.  Some are seasoned racers who are looking to take on longer distance, or get faster at their favorite race.  Others are completely new to endurance riding, and are looking for help preparing for their first big race, ride, or multi-day tour.

Registration for Brute Squad 2018 is CLOSED!

If you want to be placed on the waiting list, email:, and you'll be placed in order of signup date.  All wait listed people will be notified by email by April 19, 2018.


The cost of the 19-week training program is

  • $375 for BMA members
  • $475 for non-members
  • Not a BMA Member? Join here and save $65!!!

The registration fee includes a Brute Squad club jersey by our local sponsor Cuore, and a Premium level TrainingPeaks account for the duration of the program.  Note that the registration fee does not include race entry fees.

How Do I Join?

Brute Squad 2018 is full. If you want to be placed on the waiting list, email:, and you'll be placed in order of signup date.  All wait listed people will be notified by email by April 19, 2018.

Brute Squad Program Details

Program Goals

The training program has two primary goals:

  1. To help increase your potential as a mountain biker (endurance, power, speed, efficiency).
  2. To provide you with the tools needed to help you perform to your full potential on race day (pacing strategy, nutrition and hydration plan, focus, perseverance, resilience, etc.).

Training, Workouts & Races

Training schedule - Each athlete will receive a detailed training schedule which will feature short (one hour), higher intensity training rides on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and longer distance rides on Saturdays.  Training is individualized based on power or heart rate data.

Coached workouts - Athletes will meet with the coaches for one-hour guided group workouts every Thursday evening. We organize ourselves into informal pace groups during workouts so you can ride with people who ride about the same speed that you do. The program features post-workout guest talks on bike maintenance, nutrition strategies, and mental skills for competition.

Practice Races - The schedule will include practice races under the guidance of the coaching staff, including the 18 Hours of Fruita as the early season kick-off race, a mid-season, mid-distance race, and a high intensity short track race at Valmont Bike Park.

Target Race - Our target race for 2018 is the Dakota Five-O (50 miles) in Spearfish, South Dakota.  Now in its 17th year, the Dakota Five-O continues to attract riders from around the country.  From the pristine, handbuilt singletrack that graces much of the course, to the high-spirited after-party, riders continue to be impressed with the event and the beautiful town in which it is held.  Though the race typically sells out in about two hours, members of the Brute squad will be guaranteed entry into the race.

TrainingPeaks Included! - Each member of the Brute Squad will receive a Premium level TrainingPeaks account which will provide everything you need to view your workouts, upload and analyze your data, track your progress, etc.

Important Dates for the Training Program

Pre-Season Meeting Meet the coaches and other members of the Brute Squad! We'll talk about the upcoming season, the training plan & races, and answer all of your questions. April 19
Training begins! Bring your bikes for our first training ride! April 26
Practice Races*

18 Hours of Fruita - Highline State Park SIGNUP HERE

Epic SingleTrack Super Loop - Winter Park

CU Short Track - Valmont Bike Park

May 5

June 23

July 18

Target Race* Dakota Five-O Sept 2


Do you have additional questions? Check the Program FAQ, or email Coach Scott

Thank you to our major sponsor Boulder Roadhouse Depot