BMA Releases Position Paper on Bikes West of Broadway

The Boulder Mountainbike Alliance (BMA) has prepared a position paper containing BMA's vision for mountain bike access on open space lands west of Boulder - an area known as the West Trail Study Area (West TSA).  This paper was written following the September 13, 2010 decision by the conservation caucus of the Community Collaborative Group (CCG) that they would not consent to or allow discussion to continue on the mountain bike access proposal under discussion.  BMA's document outlines not only their hopes for a trail system that works for all people in Boulder, but their continuing commitment to cooperation with the community.

"BMA trusted the CCG process, held hope of consensus, and respectfully worked within the process toward realizing both conservation and recreation goals," said Mike Barrow, head of advocacy at BMA.  "It was a disappointment to have the mountain bike access discussion simply cut off.  Instead of working things through as a community, the ball has been punted into the political arena."

In the lead-up to the September 13 CCG meeting, anti-mountain bike handouts appeared at area trailheads and Boulder recreation centers.  Created by a group formed to "save open space" from the introduction of bicycles into the user mix, these flyers contained many false statements about the goals and aspirations of the Boulder mountain bike community.

"With so much incorrect and deliberately misleading anti-bike propaganda being distributed about the West TSA, it was time to clear the air", said BMA President Jason Vogel. "To that end, BMA's position paper spells out what we want, our overall vision for mountain bikes on city open space, our West TSA requests in support of that broader vision, and how BMA intends to support that vision and those requests."

The position paper is available in PDF form using the link below.

October 14, 2010
Contact:  Mike Barrow, 303-513-2823

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