Mike Lamb with Boulder Parks & Rec Receives 2011 BMA Hero Award

Every year, the Boulder MountainBike Alliance recognizes a hero. This award recognizes a community leader who works tirelessly on behalf of trails users to create sustainable trails and facilities that benefit the community at large.

We are proud to award this to Mike Lamb from the City of Boulder's Parks and Recreation Department. Mike is the construction manager for the Valmont Bike Park. Mike was tasked to work with J-2 Construction, Alpine Bike Parks and various city departments to follow through on the build out of what will be a crown jewel of the city's parks system.

The Park has presented many challenges in bringing together a facility that will not only be a riding destination, but also has to balance wildlife needs, traffic flow and historic value to name a few. Mike has worked tirelessly with contractors, city staff, neighbors and user groups to balance these needs, all with great passion and commitment to getting the job done on time, and on budget. He has had numerous challenges along the way with this high profile project, and has exceeded expectations at every step. We are lucky to have such an asset in our city government. Many members of the city Parks and Recreation Department have put in long hours on the project, and we want to thank them as well for their efforts.

The photo shows Mike Lamb (left) with Valmont Bike Park General Contractor Chance Brown, on site at Valmont Bike Park.

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