Valmont Bike Park remains closed until further notice

City of Boulder Press Release

Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2012


  • Shelly Ruspakka, Parks and Recreation, 303-413-7214
  • Sarah Huntley, Media Relations, 303-441-3155

Valmont Bike Park remains closed until further notice

Parks and Recreation Department requests public cooperation in staying off Valmont Bike Park trails to prevent additional damage

The Parks and Recreation Department has closed Valmont Bike Park due to poor trail conditions, and is asking for public cooperation to stay off Valmont Bike Park trails to prevent further damage. Recent running, snowboarding, sledding, dog walking and biking on the trails have caused excessive damage to not only the top surfacing material, but to the base layer as well. The maintenance required to repair this damage is costly and time-consuming and will extend the re-opening date of the park due to the extra surfacing maintenance work.

"Our staff is evaluating trail and feature surfacing daily to determine if any areas of the bike park can be opened, and we will notify the public once those areas open," said Kirk Kincannon, Parks and Recreation Department director. "However, due to moisture deep in the soil and surfacing material, no areas of the park will be opened within the next few days."

The Boulder Mountainbike Alliance (BMA) also urged the public to refrain from using the trails at this time.

"We need your cooperation to protect the coolest bike park on Planet Earth," said Jason Vogel, BMA president. "Warm weather does not mean Valmont Bike Park is ready to ride. We are contending with upwelling groundwater freezing subsurface as well as snowcover and snowmelt. These conditions are a perfect storm for destroying the park we've all worked so hard to make a reality. BMA urges all park users to respect park closures."

You can stay up-to-date on park closures and trail conditions on the Valmont Bike Park website at or the Facebook page at


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