Side Logo T-Shirt (Men's)

SKU: 201001M

Your new favorite dress shirt has arrived.

You've probably seen this shirt around on such trend setters as BMA president Jason and sasquatch (well you didn't think he just ran through the woods all naked and furry all the time did ya?). This shirt can be your way to say "I love biking. I love fairness when it comes to trail access. And I love you!" Well, okay, that last part you'll have to just come out and say to people, but the shirt does the rest.

We love the way that this shirt feels. It's American Apparel (and somehow it's actually sized about normal instead of super-model sized) and the 100% cotton fine jersey knit feels great! The colors are true and strong, like you and BMA.  We also carry this shirt in a women's version, so you can order up a his-and-hers pair.

BMA loves to see people walking around wearing these shirts - they've been spotted in Moab and on the wall at the climbing gym. This shirt lets everyone know that the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance is here to stay.

Size Chart

Chest (inches)
M 38-40
L 42-44
XL 46-48

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Price: $19.99