Hot Laps in Cool North Boulder

Get in Some Riding when Other Trails are Snowy/Muddy!


Boulder Valley Ranch is a great open space area to ride when things are a bit yucky in the Winter. Like the Marshall Mesa/Doudy Draw area, BVR has a lot of sun exposure without a lot of trees, so it dries out quick! It's not exciting singletrack (heck most if it is just fire roads), but it is a great place to ride away from traffic and start building base for the real riding season!

The Route:

Either start on the Foothills Trail in town or head up to the parking area at the top of N. Broadway (the dirt road at the top of town). If you are starting on Foothills, ride north out of town and then under Hwy 36. You will come to a parking lot on North Broadway. Turn Left and head to the end of this public road. Pass through the gate onto the Eagle trail.

Follow the Eagle trail along the ride and eventually turn left (passing through another gate) and head down the one steep section of this trail. This part of the trail is often snowy/muddy in Winter, so please be careful - both for your sake (seen many a BMA board member bit it here with much entertainment value) and for the trail (it's already an eroded mess, please don't widen it any more).

At the bottom of the Eagle, turn left (you are now on the Sage trail and will be for about 200 yards). Ride to the next gate (getting this whole "gate theme" here?). Pass through the parking lot and another gate. Turn left to get onto the Left Hand trail. Ride on this past a bunch of gates until finally you'll dead end into Neva Rd.

Turn Right on Neva (yup, sorry you're on pavement for about a mile here). Go past the Llama farm and wave at the happy Llamas! You're now technically on Niwot Rd. (talk about a switcheroo, bet you didn't even notice!).

Turn Right onto Golf Club Ln. and follow this winding road for about 1/2 mile until the road takes a pretty hard right. At this point, you should see a trail heading up from a drive that leads up a small hillside (this is the North Rim trail). Follow this trail through a gate or two and you'll get to the Sage trail (about 1/4 mile).

At the Sage trail, turn Left and head towards Boulder Reservoir. Follow this trail until it merges with the Eagle trail and eventually comes to the trailhead on 55th St. Rest easy pilgrim, 55th is a dirt road here!

Go Left on 55th and skirt the west side of the Boulder Reservoir until you get to a trailhead on your right (about 1/3 mile) that will be at the northern tipitity top of the Res. Enter the trailhead and work your way left (east yo) around the Res on one of the myriad of latticed trails. Please try to stay on well-worn, major trails instead of wearing in new ones.

Following these trails, you should get close to the trailhead on 63rd before finding a fire road that heads south to allow you to continue circumnavigating the Res. You're now paralleling the dam side of the Res and heading south towards the boat house.

This trail kinda peters out into the boat house area. There are (again) a myriad of trail/road options to head west from here. During cyclocross season, there are many races about these parts, so you'll find several ways to head out on paths for the races. Head towards the entrance sign however you want to get your groove on.

At the Boulder Reservoir entrance sign, turn right (north) and go about 1/4 mile on 55th st. until you get to the Eagle trailhead. Hop on that traiil (turning left to enter from 55th) and cruise. At the fork in the trail, go left (staying on the Eagle trail) and you'll circle around back to the Eagle trail hill.

From here, you can go back up the Eagle trail hill and head out, or go do another lap (you animal!).

12.00 Mi.
250.00 Ft.
1. - Foothills Trail - good
2. - Eagle Trail - closed
3. - Left Hand Trail - closed
4. - North Rim Trail - closed
5. - Boulder Reservoir Trail - closed
6. - Sage Trail - closed