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Kiss the sky baby. The 505 Road from Eldora to the peak at Caribou is a serious grunt of a climb. Downshift and make the best of it. If you are looking for a sweet singletrack experience, do yourself a favor and go somewhere else. If you like pain, long epic rides, or getting up close and personal with the high country, come on and give 'er.

The 505 Road starts in the Eldora townsite (past the turnoff for the ski resort). Look at a map and know where you are going. It will look like you are going up someone's driveway the first time you do this ride, but you aren't. Just make sure you aren't. These are mountain people after all. They may greet you with a smile or a shotgun or both. Once you climb to the top (the first three miles or so), you'll be greeted by a great view of the continental divide as you summit out prior to descending a little to the old Caribou Townsite.  Travel through Caribou Flats and enjoy the beautiful views afforded by being up at 10,250 feet. The road here splits and reconnects in a few places, but they all end up at the townsite or dead end quickly.

At the townsite, you want to cross the parking area and bear right (north/east), continuing on the 505 Road but now downhill. This stretch of the road goes through a beautiful wetland valley with Caribou Creek. Offroad vehicles are a common site along this stretch of the 505. As you continue along there will be a mandatory creek crossing that is pretty much guaranteed to get you wet. Soon after the creek crossing you'll hit the Rainbow Lakes Road. From here you can turn around or descend the Rainbow Lakes Road to get to the Sourdough Trail.

The 505 Road is the first big climb of SufferFest, the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance's year-end ride guaranteed to make you cry for mama.

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T: 6 A: 7 C: 4

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7.9 mi.
1515 ft.
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