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The Benjamin Loop singletrack opened on May 17, 2011, and in the process doubled the amount of trail at Betasso. It's a loop, connected by a short stem to the current Canyon Loop, and also to Foumile Road via the Fourmile Link Trail.

This is a swoopy, flowy, gorgeous trail, much like the Canyon Loop. The trail twists and turns, with moderate climbs no matter which direction you're traveling. It's a hoot, and is especially fun when combined with the other trails in this park.

The Benjamin Loop is possible due to open space purchases by Boulder County Parks and Open Space (BCPOS). After acquiring 400 acres to the north and west of Betasso Preserve, BCPOS decided to build an additional 4 or so miles of trail that connect to the Canyon Loop Trail, and the Benjamin Loop was born.  Whenever you see some County staff on the trails, thank them for building this awesome shared use trail!

Important stuff you should know:

  • This trail is closed to bikes on Wednesdays and Saturdays
  • This trail has a required direction for bike traffic at all times.
  • Trail direction changes on the 15th of the month

Please obey these rules and BMA will continue to work with BCPOS to make the system work better.

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T: 4 A: 3 C: 10

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2.4 mi.


Good snow pack on all but south aspects where it's dry dirt. Rode it on regular tires no problem.

Trail Meter: Poor»Fair

Good on fat bike. Good snow cover in most areas. Some dirt showing on climb. Some ice covered by snow on descent.

@RangerFowler via Twitter: Inch of new snow at Betasso overnight. 20 degrees. Trails are snow packed and icy. Slick roads too!

Trail Meter: Good»Poor

Wed 11/11, @RangerFowler via Twitter: 6 inches of heavy wet snow at #Betasso overnight. Some melting today. Roads plowed.

condition set to Good

condition set to Good

condition set to Good

condition set to Good

Tacky, smooth, perfect. Love this trail after a good rain.

Trail Meter: Poor»Good

Good times!

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