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The Blue Dot trail is the kind of trail that separates the men from the boys...or the dirt divas from the girlie girls. A lot of people have a passion for this trail...after all, it's a necessary part of hitting Red Dot/Yellow Dot as well as a Ned-to-Boulder ride on the south side of the canyon. But truth be told, as much as I personally like this trail for the same reason, it kinda sucks. There are two mandatory hike-a-bikes. And I don't mean this in a you-ain't-got-what-it-takes kinda way. I mean it in a who-the-heck-designed-this-trail kinda way. But it does keep the crowds away and it serves up a big ol' dish of hurt Boulder County style. The hike-a-bikes aren't particularly big, just annoying. Nevertheless, you do feel out in it, and it's way nicer than riding on Magnolia Road - your only other option south of the canyon. There are several technical spots that will challenge even the best riders. And there is one heckuva sweet overlook at the top of one of the hike-a-bikes - a great snack spot if you are doing a full day Ned-to-Boulder adventure.

The ride starts at the east end of the Lollypop Loop. From there you get on an old road east and north. If you are careful and peer through the trees to your left as you pass an area that was clearly logged out you'll get some nice views of the Indian Peaks. Just past this spot the road turns quite suddenly into singletrack. This part of the trail is awesome, pretty technical, and really fun. Just as you begin to think whoever wrote this description must certainly be a donnie-downer, you'll hit your first hike-a-bike. From the top of this keep riding through some more technical awsomeness, and just as you start getting your mojo back on - SMACK! Another hike-a-bike. The top of this one is a bit elusive as you think you're at the top and may start riding a bit again before you realize there's a bit more hiking left to go. Keep riding from here on nice singletrack which will wind its way out of the woods and through and open meadow. There's a stiff little climb to gain the ridge line. When you hit an intersection, turn right to get on Forest Service 'trail' 357 - actually an old road, but a nice little downhill to Magnolia Road. Turn left to go to Red Dot/Yellow Dot for a nice little loop with a sweet downhill and a stout climb.

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T: 8 A: 6 C: 5

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2.25 mi.
300 ft.
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