Chapman Drive

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This trail is actually an old dirt road, wide open with lots of room for lots of people.  Along the way you can view some impressive Depression-era stonework retaining walls ... and some killer views of the Indian Peaks.  With a steady 7% grade, this sucka will get you in shape for those all-day epics come summertime.

The massive rains of September 2013 did some serious damage to Chapman, removing the trail in some places and leaving deep chasms in others, as shown in these photos. Be careful and take your time coming around corners on the downhill, so that you don't end up a victim of deep ruts and loose soil!

Chapman Drive opened on January 7, 2012.  This trail is multi-use, open to hikers, equestrians, and cyclists.  As of April 24th, the trail is open to bike travel in both directions (downhill and uphill) - thank you OSBT for supporting our ability to share the trail!

BMA sincerely hopes that this trail will lead to more connections and opportunities in the future - perhaps a downhill singletrack, or connections towards Walker Ranch, and further. In the meantime, it's imperative that when we use Chapman as cyclists, we follow the rules so BMA's policy people have the best opportunity to turn this into something great.  For now, we'll ride it for the aerobic punishment and look to the future.

Check out a few pics from OSMP.


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2.6 mi.
950 ft.


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condition set to Good

Trail is bone dry, with a fair amount of sand. Climbed it on a 'cross bike with Clement MSO 40's. Would not recommend narrower tires.

No significant mitigation of the gullies to date; much of the lower half is now single-track. Be sure to heed warning signs if descending: there are several complete wash-outs.

Trail is great as of Monday 5/26. The touch of non-smooth is much appreciated. When is the trail repair day to add drops, waterbars, rollers and official ridearounds to make it sustainable? :)

Rode Friday, May 2. Trail is very rough in spots, even a little technical; as they note, don't ride at night. A lot tougher for CX bikes to ride comfortably. Fun and interesting. Glad it's open

Trail Meter: Fair»Good

dry (but still lots of flood damage)

Large and deep trenches forces dismount in places. Use extreme caution downhill. Snow not bad, fat bike or no.

Snow! (so great if you have a fat bike!) And soon to be very muddy.

Trail Meter: Closed»Fair

reopened and the trail surface is dry ... but there's a lot of missing trail post-flood.


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